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Finished: Yellow Soaker

The Specs:
Pattern: Wool Diaper Cover, pattern pdf here.
Size: I knitted the 10-24 month size, but came in a bit under gauge. So maybe 7-21 months?
Yarn: Aprox. 100g of White Buffalo 3-ply.
Needles: 6mm bamboo.
Start to Finish: March 3ish - March 16ish? Sometime in early March at any rate.
For: Nephew E.



I'm not usually a procrastinator, but I've been putting off posting about this one for a while. Goodness knows I've been finished with it long enough. Let me see if I can remember back far enough to give you some useful info about this one (*think, think, think*).

The Yarn:

Let's see...I wasn't so sure if the White Buffalo unspun was a good choice for the pattern way back when I first posted about this, and I'm still not sure. I never got around to lanolizing or washing it. Being the loving and caring sister that I am, I just handed it off to Rae and was done with it. I didn't even make it a drawstring. The one in the picture is some bias tape I dug out of Rae's craft room. Now you know the truth...sometimes I'm a bit of a slacker.

Mods (aka mistakes):

I was going to say that I didn't make any changes to the pattern, but in reading it over again it looks as if I read the increases and decreases for the legs incorrectly and took twice as many rows as I should have to incorporate them (increasing and decreasing at only the beginning of the rows as opposed to at the beginnings and ends of the rows). Gah! My version does look suspiciously taller than the pattern illustration, doesn’t it? Well, hopefully this won't be a big problem.

One modification that this pattern would benefit from is a round of yarn overs for the drawstring to slip through. I didn't think of this until too late.

Final Verdict: Cute, but points docked for sloppy pattern readage and general laziness. Like the other soaker, verdict pending actual baby wearage.


Do keep us posted the final verdict after baby wearage -- I keep wanting to make some of these, but am unsure how useful they'll be...

Regardless, they sure are precious to look at. :)

So totally adorable. It strikes me as one of those things a parent would save and bring out when the now-fully-grown child brings his fiance home for the first time. Which is awesome!

Aww, how cute! It looks great!

ohhh, this is SO cute!!!

I think its looks fabulous, misreadings and all! SO stinkin cute.

It's still cute though! I love the pink and yellow.

So freaking cute! Can't wait to hear how these wear. One of my pals insists on cloth, so soakers all the way!
xox, J

Well, that is the great thing about knitting for siblings... they will love you either way. :)

So cute! I want to knit some of these.

I have a lot of respect for the fact that you went digging for tape/ribbon...I would have probably grabbed a piece of yarn for a "temporary fix." I live in lazy-ville. Hello neighbor! Oh, and the soaker, uber cute!

that is cute - it looks long, but I know a lot of that length will be taken up by cute baby butt!

it's very cute, your nephew will love it. as we say in dutch: 'erg schattig'.

So cute! I am definitely stealing the pattern. Finally another good idea for a summer baby.

It turned out cute! And, actually, you did knit it correctly. The pattern is incorrect. I believe we deduced (on Wool Soaker Group) that it's a translation error, and the translator was actually referring to garter ridges rather than rows. If you try to decrease/increase at both the beginning and ends of the rows, you decrease WAY too fast to make a wearable garment. So good for your for intuiting the correct way! :-)

Has there ever been a cuter thing made?"