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The State of Things

Knitting has been a bit on the slow side here at Chez Ripalot. As I so briefly mentioned in my last post, I’ve been doing battle with some seed stitch. Lucky you, now you get to hear the Whole Gory Story.

burning the candle at four ends.

So. Little Green Sweater. About the time I get to the underarms, I decide that I want to make the sweater a bit larger. No problem, right? The neck is now too small for what I’ve got planned but I just have to rip back the inch of seed stitch that is the collar and a few of the raglan increases, and then reknit the collar back on. So I went on my merry way. I finished up a ball of yarn on the body and, thinking this was a good time to do that quick little ripping job, picked out the cast on row.

Now some of you probably already know this but I feel it is my duty as a (now older and wiser) knitter to tell you:

The only time you can pick out your cast on row and just rip away is when you’re working in straight stockinette (maybe there are exceptions to this? Anybody know of any?). With seed stitch…well, it’s a royal pain. Every little stitch loops around other stitches twice making it nearly impossible to rip out. It’s like a bad dream.

To make things even more pain-in-the-toochus-y, I decided that I didn’t want to just snip off the collar and call it good. I made the oh-so-brilliant decision that, to avoid the minor pain of weaving in a couple of ends, I would save the yarn as I ripped it out. And pull the whole length of saved yarn through every. little. stinking. stitch. as it was ripped out. Yes, I know that this is insane. I knew it was before and now that I’m typing this out I’m beginning to wonder if I’m certifiably loony. Because really people…it took me a few evenings to do this (not whole evenings, thank goodness, but probably a total of 4-5 hours spread out over a few nights). Do I really hate weaving in two extra ends that much? Seems so.

Ok. Change of subject!


I also knitted and ripped out the toe of a sock.

So there you have it. I have achieved negative knitting this week.


Oh man. I have those weeks, and they suck. Pretty sock yarn, though. And the sweater will be cute when it's done.

It'll get better . . . It's got to get better! Keep the faith, your sweater will be beautiful.

One weekend I made basically 5 hats after all the ripping and still havent finished the booties that I also ripped from the CO. Yeah it didnt look the same!! I almost quit knitting after that weekend. Live and learn :D

Wow. Beautiful sock yarn. What maker & colorway?

The worst part of knitting is the un-knitting that sometimes becomes necessary. It's ok to have a tantrum at that point, we've all done it.

Good luck!

That's lovely sock yarn though!! What kind is it?

Must be in the air then cause I have ripped out 3 toes for socks using different yarn. 3" of a sweater I cast on for and realized I was using the wrong needles for and had also ripped out the same sweater on sunday when I got annoyed with the cotton. Anyway I hope it improves for both of us!

Wow, I did not know that negative knitting was a state one could reach! Hopefully it will soon reverse itself.

I think you did the quantum leap backwards into time.Few live to tell about it....'cept knitters.

Sorry you've had so many problems! And what tenacity to continue ripping out for so long :) I hope your endeavors will now be more successful.

I hope that's the end of your negative knitting! I had to rip a sock cuff last weekend that was my third attempt at that particular sock. I decided the sock and pattern and my foot size were not going to mesh properly ever. So, the yarn is back in stash, and we are both recuperating from the ordeal.

wow. ripping out the CAST-ON edge?! intense.

Here's to a new positive knitting week.

The yarn looks yummy, and I sooo feel your pain so far I have started 4 times a sweater. Anyway the baby sweater is looking lovely.

Ouch, the pain of slow ripping. Ripping is only tolerable when it can be quick. Slow is...abominable!

Well, at least the cuteness of the sweater is going to make up for all the hurt.

I feel your pain! I hate that when you've done hours of work, and have nothing to "show" for it. I have a thing about not cutting and "wasting" yarn either though.

Just to commiserate, I ripped out and reknitted the same wash cloth 3 times (so far) this week cos I'm trying to maximise the yarn out of the one ball. Lovely sock yarn btw - what brand is it?

Is that Trekking yarn?

I hate ripping and I always end up messing the ripped yarn into one awful mess full of knots. But in the end it's typically worth it since you get a better fit or a better look for you garment.

how frustrating! i know how that negative knitting goes.....but, you did persevere and ripped out the collar - that is persistence (or madness as I now call it)

Ah, a week of negative knitting...very frustrating. But you know, I totally get the "not wanting to weave in two ends" thing...I don't like seaming and I don't like weaving in ends... But I am not sure if I would have ripped out a seed stitch border...it sounds like a rather painful process, and after your post I know it was! Take a deep breath and go back and boss that knitting around a bit.

I'm SO in the knitting doldrums, too. If misery loves company, I can offer you some! :)

Hang in there.

I know your pain! I ripped out some ribs sometime ago from the cast-on side and boy what a mess! After a few rows, I can't take it anymore and just snip it off where I want it to be. What a lesson to learn!

Well, it's humbling to know that even the High Priestess of Hoosierland has experienced her share of knitting frustrations ;) *snicker*

Can't wait to have curry and knitting with you and Thunky again! Oh how I've missed your curry!

Oh, that tale of picking out the cast on sounds extremely painful. Ouch! It's going to be ridiculously cute when you're done, so hopefully the pain will be worth it.

Looks FANTASTIC! But you give me hope lol

The green is so pretty, not to mention the sweater. I once did a t-shirt knit in the seed stitch on size 3 needles. crazy-that is when I knew I was tenacious.

Delurking to say you have my complete sympathy on the HOURS of ripping! I did a similar thing with a gift I made for my mom's birthday in February (moss grid hand towel from Mason Dixon). I got to the end and thought that my cast on moss stitch border just didn't look nice enough and I could surely whip up a better border in no time at all! Boy was I wrong!

the yarn harlot is coming back to AADL on sunday april 1. so i think you should just move to ann arbor for the month of april.

I hate those negative knitting periods. But the sweater is totally cute!

I am going to be joining you in seed stitch ripping hell sometime soon. I think I made my forecast collar freakishly too big- although I did follow the pattern. (boggle!)

I am mainly commenting because I just finished this awesome elephant book. Well, not an elephant book exactly... but a book that features a pretty cool elephant as a pivotal character. It is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

Check it out if you haven't see it, you won't be sorry. :)

I love the little green sweater, did you design it yourself or use a pattern?