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Babies and Knee Highs

For your Friday viewing pleasure:

Yana and Baby B., working the EZ Baby Sweater

On a completely different tack, I find myself lusting after kneesocks. Links for your enjoyment:

Terhi's Highland Schottische Kilt Hose

Cookie's Rhiannon Stockings and German Stockings

Stephanie's Knee Highs

Barbara's Over the Knee Stockings

And some other knee high patterns that have caught my eye lately:


Kilt Hose

Winding Cable Kneesocks

A potentially handy tool

(photos courtesy of George)


What an adorable baby sweater! (and baby!)

SOOO Sweet. So freakin' adorable! Now if my friends would cooperate and have some girls for a change!

The sweater is so sweet and cute:-)

Thanks for all the knee socks links! It makes me want to make some too :)

The sweater is beautiful, and Baby B. is so very cute in it!

So darling! Baby and sweater are a perfect pair.

I have been looking for a great knee high pattern lately. These are great! I especially love the Rhiannon Stockings. Can't figure out how to get the pattern though. I would make those in a heartbeat.

For all of those EZ baby sweaters I've seen, this is the first time I've seen one on a baby! Adorable! (the knit and the baby, too!)

SO CUTE!! Oh and I love the Clessida socks, I so will be making them :-)

Perfect match of baby and sweater! They are both so very cute.

the clessidra socks caught my attention too.. they are very slick, modern yet traditional.

I am inpatiently waiting for my EZ's Knitter's Almanac and seeing all those cute pictures of WIP and now, this sweet little one all dressed up - I'll cast on for this sweater as soon as I get the book.
As for the knee high socks, I can not wait for Cookie's pattern to be avaliable online. I would not go for plain stockinete socks as this would be way too borring. Go for cables, lace or both. Nancy Bush knee high socks are lovely, so cast on if you have a pattern handy!

Baby B looks very stylish. And cute. (And thank you! :-))

Look at how perfectly it fits! I think this is the first time I've seen this sweater modeled by a real baby. Too fun.

Oh, that is just about the cutest thing I've seen in awhile! I made the February baby sweater a few weeks ago, it is so nice to see the modeled photos, since mine is yet to be given to the recipient.

Aww, what a cute baby in a beautiful handknit baby sweater!

I would love to be able to get behind knee socks but that is just way too much sock knitting for me. :-) The examples are beautiful, though!

What an adorable baby! Nearly had to stop myself from trying to pinch the computer screen's cheeks . . . how sweet!

I thought I was the only one who had a thing for knee socks (I chalked it up to 12 years of Catholic school). The Clessidra socks are a bit naughty too but maybe that is just the scarlet color.

Beautiful-both baby and sweater!

gorgeous gorgeous sweater!

I love the sweater and Baby B. is SO cute! I've had a thing for knee socks too, I can't wait for Cookie to start posting her designs online.

omg. not only is this baby darling but the sweater is super cute on her too!! :)

Sooo Cute!!!

Too freaking cute!

What a great rendition of EZ's baby sweater and such a lovely model! The knee sock links are great -thank you.

The baby sweater is so cute! It really looks great!

I'm with you on the knee socks! All of those look so wonderful that I've been thinking about casting on for a pair too. Maybe we should start a knee sock KAL!

So cute. I'm planning on making that sweater soon, so it is nice to see it in action.

Oh, little sweet cherub! (the baby, not the sweater ;) hehe. I love the colors so much...the little green flower? Darling!

I remember thinking how adorable your sweater was when you first posted it. Now, the cuteness is off the charts!

The sweater and the baby are both beautiful! What a combo:)

Sweater worked out wonderfully. Looks fab

now that is one gorgeous baby knit! love it!

The sweater only enhances the cuteness of the baby!

Lovely knit-clad baby and such tempting knee-sock links!

Beautiful baby, beautiful sweater. I've never been tempted by that sweater in Knitter's Almanac, but now, I see my next baby gift ;-)


soso cute!!! and the cardi is adorable.

The sweater is gorgeous! And what a cutie pie baby.

Gorgeous, cutie babe and sweater!

Oh my gosh - I think I've only ever seen that sweater lying flat on someone's table - it's sooooo much cuter on a baby! And he's adorable!!!

two things...

1. Awwww!

2. What yarn are you using for the turquoise baby sweater in your last post?

That sweater looks fantastic, and what a sweet baby and mama, too!

I like the cable changes you made on the green sweater; it'll be fun to see how it turns out.

I love the combination of garter stitch yoke and lace! Just discovered your blog, and I get really inspired reading! Knit on!

Both sweater and baby are adorable! Did you make the pin on the sweater? If so, do you have the pattern? Thanks.

How absolutely adorable!!!! Fits perfect!

Ugh - all those sock links....need to knit faster!

Sigh. Is there anything more irresistible than babies in handknits? Okay, a few of those kneesocks come close. I have major kneesock lust, too. I tell you, though, the second sock syndrome on those things is a bear.

Aaaah, so cute! I swear that yarn and patterns are coming. I PROMISE.. tee hee.

Ahhh, so cute! The yarn and patterns are coming soon, I promise!

Before I cast on for my little EZ sweater, how much yarn did you use for this one?

Elli - I love this post. That sweater, mom and babe are simply gorgeous. I've had little time to comment of late, but wanted to let you know that I am reading and really enjoying your work.

Sweet baby in a beautiful sweater. My brother and his wife just had a baby girl and I think I've finally figured out what I'm going to knit for her thanks to this post.
I was just poking around in some older knitting magazines for a cabled knee high pattern and the along came Clessidra! Thank you for sharing the other knee high links. Good inspiration and possibilities there as well.