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When you do a search for “knitting ennui” you get 298 results (soon to be 299, once I publish this). If you take out the quotes you get about 64,200, which is why I shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve finally hit a patch myself.

Stamps are wooly too.

Causes of said lack of knitterly enthusiasm? Start with a project that I’ve lost steam on (baby sweater), add a large dose of nice weather (finally!), a touch of carpal tunnel (boo!), a bit of under-the-weatherness (hello allergy season!), a rekindled interest in my stamp collection (you thought knitting was my nerdiest hobby?), and having the tv hooked up (two words: time sink) and you get one unproductive Elli.

Though I did do a bit of sock knitting. See?

A little summer on the right. A little winter on the left.

For those of you who asked about the yarn…I know it’s Trekking XXL, but I’ve temporarily lost the label. It seems I’ve been slacking off in the apartment-cleaning department too.

But things are looking up. I don’t have much planned for this weekend and I think a nice long sit-down with the knitting is just what I need.


What a pretty picture! Other foot in the summer and the other still in winter. I love it. :)

I agree - great photo! (You have pretty feet)

Very pretty shade of trekking. I have two skeins in my stash (greens and browns) for Mr Moe and I...

I use to collect stamps. Love the color of the new socks.

Very cool that you collect stamps. We were just talking about stamp collecting around here because of the new Star Wars stamps coming out. That sheepy stamp is darn cool.

neat stamps! it's like collecting yarn - colorful, functional... :)

You're picture just reminded me I should spend a little more time prepping my feet for the summer. And stamps are cool. Don't let anyone else tell you differently!

Sorry about the ennui (and the carpal tunnel!). I hope it gets better soon.

i still want more pictures of the SSAC......


I love looking at stamps. I hear you about the ennui. I've been working on Forecast and have hit the wall.

As for the stamps, they're great! I don't collect them in any serious way, but I always set interesting & beautiful ones aside in a little box.

And that is one great photo. All the colors are coordinated, including your toenail polish...Nice!

Love the summer/winter pic!

Super cute socks! A little ennui is not unusual. Sometimes I like to switch crafting gears with the seasons.

Your toenails sure are cute!

I hope you have a lovely knitting weekend.

That sock photo is awesome, Elli. Hope your carpel tunnel gets better soon -- I've been experiencing a bit of that lately too. Have a great weekend!

Love the winter-summer feet picture! I hope your carpal tunnel heals fast.

hey eeber...it's fine to post baby pics. Love, your happy-that-I-got-6.5 h-of sleep-last-night seester.

Cute feet, both of 'em! Love the Trekking, too. I have a skein of tropical greens and blues that I will knit... someday.

I would think that having the TV hooked up could lead to more, not less, knitting :-)

Cute socks! Cute toes too!

I totally need a pedicure!

That stamp is awesome. Embrace the geekiness. We are all geeks. :)

wait, you painted your toenails...? wowza.

Ooooh, nice sock start, and nice nails too! Perfect look for the inbetween-seasons.

I love that you are a stamp collector! Do you have any particular scope? No, I don't collect stamps, but I find the collecting behavior of others absolutely facinating (it's the archivist in me). The trekking sock looks great!

If I had cute little feet like that, I'd never wear socks!