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Monday update

We just got back from a weekend in Michigan with the siblings. Very preggie Rae and the rest of my family have been going to town on the baby crafts. Here’s a little preview*


Progress has been made on the cabled baby sweater. No pics today. I have made the unfortunate decision to rip back seed stitch from the top. Those of you who have tried this will know what I’m talking about.

In the meantime, a Shameless Plug: Tonight, Thunk’s brother , on TV. Vote if you feel so inclined.

*No, I have not taken up crochet. Rae made these.


Handsome runs in the family.

Is that why I thought that dancer would look good in a Vintage Knits sweater?! Ha! I love the baby craft pics, fun stuff!

And I totally got that the three Korkies were me and the fam...LOVE IT! You rock Elli!

Too cool. I didn't have any idea that Thunk had a famous brother.

Wow, best of luck to Thunk's brother! I started chuckling to myself when I saw his name, as he has the exact name of one of my best friends from high school :)

Wow that must be so fun to want your BiL on TV! And such an *interesting* partner he has. Not too bad looking either! ;)

thank you for sharing!

No way. That is so cool!