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I'm ducking in to post a pic and to say a quick hi...

The photo:


I took this outside so that you could all see how warm it's been here lately. But really it just looks like a partial baby sweater on a cement slab. Because that's what it is.

As you can see version 2 has got some top-downy, raglan-sleeved, seed-stitchy, sleeves-knit-flat, cardigany-ness going on. So far so good. Over and out.


nice......I'm all for top-downy, raglan-sleeveness!

Very cute.

Love the cute, cute sweater on the cement slab. I really live that squiggly cable going up the cardi's front.

ooh, look at the cables. So darling!

That looks great! It's nice to see it in natural light! I bet it will be a great sweater!

Ooh, I really love the cabley action you've got going on in the sweater. Can't wait to see a complete baby sweater on a cement slab!

This is so beautiful. The top-down raglans are calling me. Love your blog--this is my first comment but I've been lurking for a few months.

Do share pattern, yarn, etc soon!

This is going to be so beautiful - what an awesome pattern, and the colour looks so perfect! Gorgeous cabling too!