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Finished: EZ Baby Shorties

The soaker knitting has commenced! Let me start by saying thanks to everybody who commented/e-mailed with input on soakers. I’ve got TONS of good ideas. And speaking of good ideas, Mandy was the helpful soul who suggested that I try the February longies pattern from the Knitters Almanac. I already had the pattern so I jumped right in!

The Specs:
Pattern: Baby Leggings from Knitter's Almanac, by Elizabeth Zimmermann.
Yarn: 100g of my own homespun cormo, held together with a strand of KnitPicks Color Your Own fingerling-weight merino (I used 50g of that).
Needles: Size 6 circs and dpns.
Start to Finish: February 26 – March 4.
For: the spawn of Rae and Natey.

the front

The Pattern:
Love EZ, as usual. My only complaint (again…I said this with the baby sweater too) is that sometimes she leaves out things like desired finished dimensions. I would love to know what I’m aiming for. She says nice soothing things such as “babies come in various sizes,” but when it comes down to it I don’t have a very good concept of how big babies are. I thought about going upstairs and bullying my nice neighbors into letting me measure their oh-so-adorable daughter,* but I had just recently borrowed a banana from them and neighbors are nicest when they aren't constantly barging in demanding things, you know? So I just guessed. I have it on good authority that the finished soaker looks to be about an 18-month size. Good enough.

The Yarn:
I’ve been hoarding this yarn for a couple of years. This, my dear people, is the only yarn I’ve ever worked up from square one. I washed the fleece, hand carded, spun, plied, and dyed…the whole enchilada. So you’ll understand that I couldn’t just use it for any old project. Now some of you might ask why I would use if for a project that is destined to be peed and shat upon and all I can say is…you have a good point. But there were a few deciding factors:

1) The yarn is very lanolin-rich. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I didn’t scour the fleece very well so the resulting yarn is pretty greasy. But hey, they tell me that lanolin is good for the babies’ bottoms and for keeping things tidy and dry. Plus, the yarn is REALLY soft.

2) I dyed it with Kool-Aid. Babies are some of the few people who can pull off Kool-Aid. For those of you who are curious about the colors they are: Very Cherry, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, and Pink Lemonade overdyed with Lemon-Lime.

3) Sisters just don’t go and have babies every day of the week (especially in my family). If I won’t use the special yarn now, when will I?

the back. note short row shaping in the red.

When starting the legs, I doubled the number of stitches to be held aside for grafting between the legs. Five just didn’t seem like enough, especially after seeing all the other soaker patterns that leave quite a bit of room down there.

Also, EZ suggests binding off after 5 rounds of the leg. I did my five rounds in ribbing, added a purl row for turning, did 5 more rows of ribbing, and then sewed down my live stitches. If needed, some elastic could be threaded through here later for a snugger fit.

Final Verdict: Works for me! If it actually functions as promised I’ll be pleased as punch.

*speaking of said oh-so-adorable baby…remind me to post the pic I have of her sporting the EZ baby sweater. The cuteness…


So cute!

I knew you had Knitter's Almanac because your Feb. Baby Sweater is my absolute fave!!!

You were right to increase the crotch stitches...cloth diapered bums are adorably large.

Those are both cute and hilarious. I think they're much nicer than many of the other soakers I've seen out there.

Absolutely adorable. Oh to be stylish and pee at the same time. Only a baby can pull that off!

Those are adorable soakers! The colours are fabulous. I agree with Dana, babies can pull off peeing in their pants better than anyone...

I love it! And the colors you picked are perfect for baby.

These are going to be adorable on. So, so cute. And your use of the colors is a wonderful touch.

Daisy Dukes! Just kidding.. super cute and let's see that picture!

That is incredibly adorable! Can't wait to see it on the baby!


I have the same difficulty with EZ patterns (and others) for babies. I don't know what size I should be knitting and exactly how big babies are supposed to be and then I stall out!

Your soaker looks great. Eventually the baby will be that size, right?

Cuuute. Yay for for your sister. Cloth diapering is so much better for wallets, babies, and the environment.

These are absolutely adorable, and how great to have created them using a special yarn.

OMG that is super cute! I can't wait for my spawn's loins to be cradled in a garment made lovingly by auntie elli!

These shorties are absolutely precious! I've got that book too but just never thought of making soakers out of it. Thanks again for the great idea!

Oh. Your soakers are too cute. I'll have to keep that pattern in mind for my summer baby-to-be :-)

Job well done! You've inspired me to dye my yarn w/ Kool Aid :)

Those. soakers. are. so. cute! I love the tweedy looking, bright, rainbow colors! You're right about babies and kool aid colors...socks are another good use of koolaid, and about the only thing an adult could wear. I hope she gets a lot of use out of these.

That has to be the most adorable and thoughtful gift ever!

Those soakies are adorable! There simply is no other word for them.

a - do - ra - ble!!!

those are too cute!! love the colors!

looks pretty cool! great job!

Kool-aid cutenss, I can hardly stand it! I think it was a great use of your spun yarn Elli. It's not every baby that can pee in such style.

So, so cute! Those are going to be the most-favorite diaper covers in the pile, the ones that make diaper changing fun. I know it sounds crazy, but really. Nice work!

So cute, and the colors make such a great happy-baby-pants combination.

Those are the cutest knitted shorts I have ever seen. I love the colors you used.

Love 'em!

love the colours - very sweet

Very pretty! I knit the same thing recently as soakers for my daughter-and you were right to increase the crotch stitches. I ended up sewing some of the leg closed- you really need to avoid seeing the diaper, and those leg holes are too wide in the pattern. You are a noble aunt!

These are stunning - beautifully made and fab colours.