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Baby Knits

It feels like it's been a long time since I've had any small projects on the needles. Anybody else notice that the ONLY project I worked on in February was the aran cardi? January wasn't much better. I'm surprised y'all are still hanging around the joint. I’d say it’s time for a break.

As chance would have it, the much anticipated wee nephewling (who, incidentally, we have taken to calling Raoul) is due right at the beginning of April and all I've knitted for the little blighter is one lousy soaker. I'm thinking that I should take the rest of March to see how much baby stuff I can crank out. Sound good? Here goes...

First up: Cables for Raoulito


As recently as when I took this picture, I thought I was knitting the "turquoise cable sweater" from Rebecca Baby & Kids No. 8. Turns out that I'm not. First off I changed up the cables (here's a pic of what they were supposed to look like...after the aran cardi they were just a little boring). Then I decided that I want to change the bottom. And the neck. And the sleeves. Then I took a look at the pattern and noticed that I hadn't even cast on the correct number of stitches in the first place. So it seems that I'm really designing my own.

Next up: Soaker #2


This is the pattern that Rae originally e-mailed me when she asked me to knit her a soaker (pdf here). It's intriguing because it calls for roving, not yarn. Since I didn't feel like dividing up roving into teeny-tiny little strips, I grabbed some White Buffalo unspun 3-ply. Close enough, right?

The yarn was just about perfect gauge-wise but now that I've got the thing mostly done I think that it's too scratchy. Anybody know if lanolin will make it any softer or should I just abandon it here and break out the merino roving? The knitting was really quick so I'm not worried about wasted effort.

That's it for tonight! Time to go finish watching Rear Window.


Hey, I have a great hoodie pattern for babies - I think there are pictures on the index page of my blog. I'll email it to you if you're interested. I really loved the functionality of the hoodie this winter with a baby. Why don't babies like hats? More importantly, why don't knitters' babies like hats?

love how you changed the cables and made it your own!....cute soakers too!

You should at least try some wool wash on the Soaker, it always softens things up. And If you don't like it after that, just knit a new one out of something softer, but why not try it?

Yes, lanolin will make the soaker considerably softer. Also, about the scratchiness: Remember, it's going over a diaper, so its not going to be touching much skin. (You're not talking sandpaper scratchy, right?) Also, in my experience, softer yarns seemed to felt quicker. For instance, Malabrigo didn't hold up very well. My favorite soft, but durable, soaker yarns are Full Belly Farm (this one is organic) (http://www.fullbellyfarm.com/wool.html#yarn) and Sweet Grass Wool 2ply

I would try soaking it to see if it softens (you never know). Nice pattern - EZ would approve, I think (the garter stitch reminds me of her designs).

Hmm, if you need something roving-like, I wonder if malagbrigo would be a good one...and its SO soft.

I like your cables better than the original version-and that shade of green is perfect.

Lanolin will make it softer, I love liquid lanolin for diapering stuff. But the best trick for softening up scratchy soaker wool is to give it a good long bath in some hair conditioner first, then do the lanolin. It will be baby-squishy-soft in no time ;)

I like your cables better than the original! :)

Yes, a good soak, conditioner and lanolin should work. And while merino is nice and soft, it doesn't holds its shape quite well but still it's my fave, and esp. for newborns... BTW, the Yahoo Wool Soaker group has some pattern/yarn reviews that I find useful. ;o)http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wool_soaker_group/

Well look at you being the boss of your own knitting, to the point where you produce your own baby knits! I like your cable much better.

Wowee zowee! I can't believe all of the cute baby stuff you're making! I guess I should stop checking your blog so I can be surprised, eh? Like Christmas. Well you should know you have a very grateful seester.

(I'm new to your blog, I usually lurk but come out if I have something to add to the conversation)
Crown Mountain sells a wonderful Corriedale pencil roving. I've never knit with it but it spins up beautifully soft. It would probably work great for the soaker.

I love the mods you've incorporated so far- I can't wait to see the finished product. Aren't baby knits the most fun?

Love your baby knits, so soft and simple, and cozy

That is going to be very cute. I like your color choice.

Don't forget about your tall dutch friend in Michigan with the prodruding belly and big feet! :)

Don't forget the baby bibs from Mason-Dixon Knitting!

Speaking of babies, don't forget the bibs from Mason-Dixon Knitting! Easy, quick, mindless -- good commuter or TV knitting.

Lanolin should definitely soften it up some. It's wonderful stuff. It's a really cute soaker :-)

I agree with MaryAnn...the Yahoo Wool Soaker group is a great resource.
Also, here is a link to a popular free soaker pattern:
I've made one myself so far but I haven't had the baby yet so I can't comment about fit etc. =)
Good luck with the baby knitting!