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Two weeks

I'm back! Where have I been? Aran Cardi Land. It's not sunny, but it sure is warm.

I labored for two weeks thinking that if I just spent every free minute knitting, I could get the darn thing done by Thunk's birthday. Well, the eighth of February has come and gone and I'm still sitting here with a very toasty pile of knitting in my lap. So the burning question is...how far have I gotten?


Those are shoulder decreases. We're on the home stretch, folks. I merely have to finish up those decreases, do a bit of neck shaping, learn how to steek, commit said steekage, knit on some button bands, and find and sew on some suitably stunning buttons. Easy peasy.

Ok fine...maybe we're talking another couple of weeks. This would be a good time to point out that last year Thunk got his birthday sweater on February 25. See? It's traditional lateness.

Hello! I am one Long Sleeve.

Anyway, I'm going to go knit some more now. Byeeeeeeeeeeee!


Phew--I thought you were in Demi-land. This way I still have a ghost of a chance of catching up :)

Learn how to steek?!? I thought it was get up the nerve to steek? I'd allow a few days for courage if it were me, but I'm sure you'll do beautifully. It looks great so far!

Happy Birthday Thunky! The sweater will be well worth the wait, I'm sure!

Should be a breeze! Looks great so far!

What a glorious pile of knitting.

That looks great and really warm!!!

Glad to see your progress -- we missed you!

It's beautiful!

And I still haven't finished my mom's Christmas sweater.

What a beautiful gift! I'm sure he'll love it.

i keep checking back to see if any aran updating has happened and this morning was my lucky day!

Did you have any trouble getting the sleeve motifs to line up with the body? I know that seemed like a questionable part of the pattern when I read through. Any advice?

It looks SO good. I love the twisted rib increases under the arm. I really can't wait.

Oh, Elli, I am digging that Aran Cardigan. I'm thinking that I might need a female version of it for myself. I don't think Thunk will care when you finish. It's a great present whenever it's done.

It looks fabulous so far. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

Glad to have you back! Simply gorgeous Aran, and I love the way the yarn looks...Just from your photos, I can almost feel the scrunchy wooliness. What are you using?

I love the progress pieces on this sweater, truly I do. I think Thunk's sweater looks great so far, late shmate...

Yeah I am having a similar problem with my mans sweater. I am in the area that no matter how much I knit on it the sweater does not get any bigger. I gave up in favor of knitting a pair of socks. Its all about the preservation of sanity!

I'm right there with you - my husband's Fishtrap Aran is reclining damply on the floor, waiting for steeking, and zipper (eek) and a little more finishing. I can't wait to cross this off the list, and hopefully while it's still winter!

Looking good! Sooooo clooooooose!

Awww, this looks absolutely amazing already - and it's definitely worth the wait!

Oh, it is going to be a beauty!

Is it possible that Thunk was born prematurely?

That would account for the sweater timing! LOL!