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Slippery when slippery

You know what happens when you have an ice storm?

ready for steekage

You stay home from work and knit!

And then you go take some pictures of ice.





Oh my! I'm glad you got an unxpected holiday-- those are the best! The sweater looks great. You don't have much further to go.

Wow. Gorgeous sweater and gorgeous pictures of the ice. Glad you got to actually enjoy a snow day! Good luck with the steek. I'm too chicken to try them myself, but it'll be fun to do one vicariously.

Holy ice storm! that is wild, and that sweater, oh that sweater!

Wow, now that's an ice storm! Can't wait to see the finished sweater.

Oooh! I have to say, I know ice storms are dangerous and problematic, but I think they're so beautiful. Plus, good for knitting :)

The sweater looks beautiful! So does the ice!

I am normally a lurker on your blog, but I had to comment -- those ice photos are beautiful! Thanks for posting them.

Can't wait to see how the steeks work out.

Your pictures are just terrific!

I like steaks!

Cool photos! I hope the ice doesn't damage the trees and shrubs.

Amazing pictures :-)

The sweater is looking great! Hope there weren't too many felled trees -- last time I was in an ice storm that bad, it killed dozens of beautiful old trees. Too much weight on the branches.

Beautiful pics, both of the sweater and nature!

The sweater looks fantastic!!! Cannot wait for the end result, this is definately a present to be cherished.

Yay! We're crappy weather twins! Except today's my stay-at-home-and-knit day. Thunk's sweater is looking quite stunning.

Yikes, that ice looks wicked! We had several inches of snow yesterday, but escaped the icy coating your trees received. Nice work on the sweater!

I guess you could call me a lurker too! Just wanted to let you know that your site is beautiful. I fell in love with those little cork men! Adorable little guys ... I hope to make some soon.