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More of the same

Doing the freaky steeky

And, of course, more ice:





What lovely pictures of ice you shoot! Perhaps I too should capture the iciness of Valentine's Day!

Yay for steeking!

Beautiful ice photos!

Looking forward to seeing the aran all steeked. It is gorgeous!

I heard they shut the University down. Yay! Another knitty snow day!

oooooh, you're steeking is making me nervous *bites fingernails*

Steeking, eek! But please tell me about those scissors, they are awesome!

are you steeking with the machine? or are you being ballsy with the crochet method?

wow, what gorgeous pics! truly beautiful. Have fun with that steek, I haven't gotten to that "Fun" part of knitting yet!!

crazy ice photos. It sounds like you all got slammed in the midwest. we're getting slammed in New England now.

Thunk's cardi is really coming together nicely! Good for you for braving steeks!

Gorgeous pictures! That brown has so many lovely tints and shades in it. Your photo really brings them out.

Great contrast in this post: the most frightening thing ever--eek! the steek! Heart racing, hands shaking for you! And beautiful, serene snowy/icy images--these have my hands shaking (and reaching for mittens!) as well, but so pretty!

Oh, steeks make me nervous. I've yet to knit anything with them because I know -- I just *know* -- that I would mess it up royally.

But I love those photos. It's cold here, but there's no snow and less ice. I miss winter. (Which I'm sure I wouldn't be saying if I actually had snow, but still...)

Even though I've cut my knitting before and know it's safe, I still think anyone who is willing to take the cutting plunge is one brave chick!

You know, I was under the impression when I moved to Portland that there would be ice storms here. They may be inconvenient, but they're so beautiful, and such a good excuse to stay home and knit. I think it must be National Steek Week around here - and I'd be more excited to tackle mine if I had pretty birdie scissors like yours.

Don't think I have the courage to steek! Love your ice pictures. It's 10.30pm and 31 deg C here. Just sweltering. Dreaming of winter! Knitting, wool...

Oh good god, that looks scary. Beautiful, but scary.

those scissors are gorgeous! where did you get them?!

Too scary for me..... Beautiful cardi. Can't wait to see it finished. Cheers Mette

I love when the ice covers the branches like that - the sun just sparkles through them!

I have been following your progress on this aran cardi, so has my handsome boyfriend, we are both wondering what yarn you used? Thank you, Sabrina