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State of the Aran

It's been a while since we've seen the Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan, hasn't it? Here's where we left off in October. Main section of body completed; ready for armage.

In the spirit of finishing up those UFOs, and perhaps influenced by the fact that Thunk's birthday is on February 8, I've jumped back in the saddle again (pun absolutely intended).

Sunday, 4:30 pm.

This shot of the arm-in-progress was taken late yesterday afternoon when I noticed the light was starting to fade, but I spent a few hours on it last night as well. I'm almost ready to start arm number two, but first I have to figure out where I should stop. There's a small and slightly cryptic note in the pattern telling me to stop knitting when I've reached a point at which my sleeve cables match up with where I stopped knitting on the body cables, fudging if necessary. Ergh. Now I see why it's helpful to pick cable patterns that have the same number of row repeats.

the underbelly

I'm taking the underarm increases into a twisted rib pattern. Sort of looks like I'm knitting a fish, doesn't it?


Love it!!

yes! I'm so happy to see this again. I'm really dying to start mine. I think about it waaay too much. Gotta get the 'deadline' sweaters out of the apartment before I can indulge myself. But vicarious indulging is totally still on the table. Thanks!

Very nice! I hate those cryptic notes. I'm always leaving myself notes that I think are perfectly clear until I return to the project months later to find that I have no idea what I was talking about.

that has such great texture....love it!

Coming along great! That yarn knits up nicely.

Hee--I think you've just renamed the sweater: "Trout Underbelly Aran," anyone?!?

Or it looks like it could be the bottom of a boat. Certainly the nautical references are appropriate for an Aran cardigan.

Beautiful work by the way.

That Thunk has got to be the warmest, cable-studded guy ever. Can he have a word with my BF who refuses to even poke a cable with a very long stick (much less entertain the idea of wearing a garment with a cable on it)? Knitting for him would be so much more fun, were he to like cables even a quarter as much as your Thunk does.

I'm struggling midway thru a hubby sweater too... Lucky Thunk, you're so close to finishing his "belly" nice saddle aran ;o)

Wow such gorgeous cables! Now, what *are* you going to do about that weird pattern instruction? I think I'd shed a tear or two if I read that during the course of knitting! I'd probably go to the LYS and ask them for advice! Good luck! P.S. The color is really warm and yummy too!

wow, looks so nice! i really love your knits.

The sleeves are looking great. good luck with trying to work them out, I don't think I would be able to do that!

We can all relax as it is now seen: The State of the Aran is good.

Ah, lovely. And finishing up a lingering UFO is even better. I have a couple of those that need some attention. Where does the time go?

It is looking great. Just think of how warm it will be to wear, and you can start a new project too.

It's gorgeous. :)

I love the way that yarn is knitting up! You will be done before you know it Elli, knit on!

Wow!! What a great sweater! The piece is going to be outstanding!

Beautiful sweater. I really dislike knitting sleeves, so now I knit them first as my gauge swatch,re-knitting until I attain gauge. Once the sleeves are done the rest seems to go faster. I don't know if you could have done that with your pattern,though.

happy birthday thunk!

i hope you were able to finish the sweater in time!

Happy Birthday Thunk. Wonderful sweater.