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Stash Stats 2006

I’m a big fan of maintenance. It makes pretty good sense that if you keep an eye on things, they won’t get out of control. So this past year has been all about keeping the stash in check. Not that it’s too far gone, but a little bit goes a long way in a teeny little apartment. Thank goodness Thunk considers vases of knitting needles and shelves of yarn to be legitimate decorating choices.

I'm also a big fan of spreadsheets. Yes indeed.

my latest additions to the stash

So! Let’s do the numbers…(cue “we’re in the money”)

-Yarn spending for the year was down 31% from 2005 (and it would have been down more if I hadn't gone to Imagiknit with yaiAnn on December 31…not that I’m complaining).

-Total knitting-relating expenditures were down 20% for the year. This is good. Very good. It means that I spent money on other stuff. Like clothes. And food.

-In the grand scheme of things department: I knitted (or otherwise disposed of) a bit less yarn this year than I brought in, ending the year up just 1146g. Which really isn’t too shabby if you think about it. Think of it as a bag of nice aran-weight and some dk-weight for a baby sweater.

the needle collection has grown as well...but that's another post entirely

Broken down into categories of intent:
55%* of yarn this year was purchased for gift knitting.
31% was for me or had no specific intent.
14% was gifted to me (thanks!).

Other interesting stats:
I acquired 72 skeins of yarn in 2006.
40% was Rowan. Wow.
10% was sock yarn, including my first 3 skeins of STR.

That said, knitting resolutions for 2007 are:

-Use what I have (bet you didn’t see that one coming).
-Finish out those old UFOs! Demi’s making a comeback people. Flowerbasket’s in the wings.
-Keep the WIP list short. The goal is 3 projects at once. Four max. No more projects which languish for peetsake.

Whew! Enough of the serious stuff. Time to get knitting.

*these percentages calculated by number of skeins, not by weight.


Nice! Your math is impressive. Ok, and those pear needles are super cute.

Also, thank you for the nice comment about my sweater! *is very humbled*

Oooooh. I should calculate those stats too. Wouldja show me a copy of your spreadsheet? I should keep track of a fabric stash sheet too.

As a huge fan of spreadsheets and tracking myself, I applaud your yarn management :)

Now I have to go do that!

wonderful. I have similar notes - happy to know I'm not the only obsessed with excel.

looks like you have healthy dose of tweed in your life. thank god.

And I thought I was crazy for spending like 4 hrs organizing a spreadsheet for all my yarn when I could have been doing something else... like knitting...

Now I'm going to spend 4 more hours so I can have cool stats like yours!

Wohooo for Excel! I too have me a crazy love for spreadsheets! It really is such an effiecient way to know what you have when your browsing (or drooling) over patterns and thinking of designs. And know I can show my hubby that I'm not the only one with a yarn spreadsheet!

Pretty needles...I love your collection!
Maybe I can convince my hubby that yarn is a way to decorate our tiny apartment too!

Hmmm, I thought my spreadsheet for stash maintenance was good, but I am clearly not utilizing the spreadsheet for all its worth!! Nice rundown...and fabulous needles!

I'm always tempted to put stash in a spreadsheet but I tell myself I'll do it when my stash gets jsut a little smaller. I can't handle recording what it looks like now.

That is so cute and geeky that you have your yarn stats calculated in a spreadsheet. I love it.

I was just over at Ashley's blog (Dogged) and saw that you are working on Demi too. So, I popped over to see yours (although I am already a pretty regular reader of your blog.) I cast my Demi on two days ago, I'm just approaching my first set of bobbles, so I'm not nearly as far as the two of you. Is that Peace Fleece you're using? Me too. It's gorgeous yarn.

Rock on type-A sistah. :D I'll hop on the Demi bandwagon with you. I have had the yarn and pattern sitting in the stash for over a year.

Great stats. I wish I kept records like that!

Wow, wish you ran a service that did this for people! I'd pay to know my stats! Somehow I doubt I could figure it out for myself, especially since I'm not very good with spreadsheets. =(

I'm a CPA -- I LOVE your stats. Gotta make me a spreadsheet, why haven't I done that before, it would be so cool... [runs off to grab large Rubbermaid tub of stash]

You're Crazy!! I mean that in all friendliness! It's best NOT to know those kinda numbers!

I can't wait to see more of Demi. :)

I like analysis but hadn't thought to apply it to my knitting the way you have. Perhaps that's because I'm growing, not reducing, on all fronts: stash, dollars spent,etc.

I especially like it that you know the weight of your entire stash. Gotta get me a scale.

Wow, I thought I was thorough with my spreadsheet, but I handn't even considered tracking expenditures! I'm on a yarn diet until June 1 (!), so I guess I have until then to design another sheet. :)

Here Here from another spreadsheet fan!! They are amazing things. You did a great job last year! Love all the stats....now you have goals to beat for next year!

I love this. I've been giving away my stash to make me feel better about adding to it, so my numbers are down this year, but artificially. :)

So were all the new purchases for specific projects, or just because you love the yarn? The blue/yellow/white/red striped yarn is gorgous!

I'm keeping this entry "checked" in my bloglines. I'm hoping for the inspiration to smack me in the forehead.

Your organization is impressive. I am trying to knit from my stash for the next few months, and you have inspired me to make a spreadsheet this weekend so I can see my starting point. Thanks. (And Demi's looking good)

I want a spreadsheet! Must go figure out excel. (It sits in my computer taking up perfectly good memory and never does a damn thing. Time to make it earn its keep.) And oooooh Demi. Love the blue. Don't worry--I won't be taking a LONG break from mine, just a little one.

I love love love this post! The spreadsheet is so geeky but fantastic. You can do your own budget announcement about your yarn spending habits! Fantastic! I would love to see the spreadsheet and how you have ordered it!
(i'm trying to knit from my stash etc but i seem to have "accidentally bought 26 balls of yarn to make a blanket..." hmmm)

L.o.v.e. your needles!

I've heard of people using spreadsheets for yarn organization before, but you take it one step further. Tracking expenditures and trends like this is an excellent idea!

You inspired me to start up a spreadsheet of my yarn inventory. Ouch! I'm not even half way through and the total spent (in 2005-2006) is already hovering somewhere around the $500 mark! I think I may be joining you in your resolution to knit from stash this year...

Very organized. Glad someone else uses Excel! I have no idea how much I've spent and I can't even begin to worry about it!

pretty needles! i can't wait for that post :)
i'm impressed with your calculations ... i need to learn how to use a spreadsheet (though, i don't really want to know how much i have ).

I love that striped yarn on the left that looks to be sock weight (not the trekking). Could you let me know what it is, please?