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Friday pm

It's Friday afternoon, I have the rest of the day off and the sun is shining! Time for a progress shot on Demi.


That there would be one completed back and a decent start on a front. Apparently a year-long break was just what I needed to clear my head. Now everything seems to be flowing pretty easily and the cabling is pretty intuitive.

Not much else to report, so I thought I'd show off a couple of the handmade gifts I received recently...

side view

This would be the world's cutest pincushion, made my friend Deb. It's perfectly constructed out of wool felt and she weighted it so it's got a little bit of heft to it. I just want to carry it around with me everywhere I go.

side view

My pop made us this bowl for Christmas. I think it's cherry (though I'm not absolutely sure about that one...correct me if I'm wrong Dad). It's made out of a log that I helped my dad lug into the car back in the days when I was a young thing living at home. I think someone down the road had cut down a tree and he'd talked them into letting him have a chunk.

Isn't it pretty? If you look at the side view you can see a bit of the bookshelf Pop made for our wedding gift too.

Time for a snack now I think. Have a lovely weekend!


That bowl is amazing. I see where you get your creativity from.

Demi is looking fab, by the way.

I love taking a year-long break from a sweater. And I love those handmade gifts. They're wonderful!

That demi is awesome. :)

and your pop's bowl is gorgeous. talent runs in the family. :)

Oh man, that sweater is going to be so awesome.

Your gifts rock. I seriously covet them.

That bookshelf is so amazingly gorgeous. Wow. So's the bowl. He should do custom orders! ;)

Look at you flying along! I'l never catch up now. The bowl is gorgeous--and of course I'm coveting the squirrel pincushion madly.

Wow. Wow. and Wowzer!

Your Demi looks great! The craftsmanship of that bowl is amazing!

Duuuuuuude, when your dad moves here, will he make me a bowl, too? I'll show him where Mitchell's is in return! ;)

Demi is a lot of fun - especially once you get the cables down easily. I like how everything travels around the sweater. :)

Your Demi is beautiful and so are the gifts.

everything is so beautiful. that bookcase is amazing.

The bowl does look like cherry, and it and the bookcase are just gorgeous! Demi is coming along beautifully, too.

The demi looks great, I got the yarn for it but im resisting casting on for one (must finish the Urban Aran first) but you are not making things easier. Beautiful wood-work too.

I can't wait to see Demi finished! Yours is looking beautiful and coming along so fast.

That bowl is beautiful! Your Demi is looking lovely, too. I really like your color choice. What yarn is that?

So kind of you to feature the bowl. In truth it is sugar maple (remember when the maples on Wildwood Drive were dying from road salt or something?) The bookcase is the one that is cherry. The demi and pincushion are lovely too, as is the entire website.

wow - he is quite the woodworker - both items are amazing!!!! Demi looks like it's coming along fast now! maybe a break is all you needed....

That bowl is gorgeous and the bookshelf is equally wonderful! The pincushion is also very cute...And Demi is looking fabulous! Nice eye candy today...:)

Demi looks wonderful and those handmade gifts are fabulous.

What yarn are you using? It's so pretty and perfect for the pattern.

What wonderful things - I love it all. Your dad and friend are both very talented, and Demi looks great!

Hi. You are one lucky person to have a dad that makes such cool stuff! I couldn't find a "contact" button, so I have to tell you in this comment: long ago I saw your post on making a needle case, and I used it as inspiration for a quickie I put together this weekend. So thank you for posting it!

Learning how to turn a bowl is on my list of things to do before I die. Your father's bowl is gorgeous, as is that pincushion. There is simply nothing in this world like a handmade gift.

That woodwork's gorgeous! Knitting's looking great too!

Great photos! What an awesome bowl!

i literally giggled aloud upon seeing demi's reappearance. I've been having the urge to finish mine too. I only have 1.5 sleeves left after all!

Your Demi is beautiful. I'm glad you picked it up again and are knitting away -- it's funny how a little break from a project can do a world of good. Love the bowl and bookshelf, fine crafting must run in the family.

Your Demi is so gorgeous! It is on my "to knit" list. Can't wait to see it on you : )

The mushrooms on that pincushion are breaking my heart!

Love the Demi,
was cruising thru, noticed that you don't have your email posted. Questions about the Jess Hutch. knitted toys. Saw the button for midwest knitters where are you located?

I'm glad to see your Demi has bobbles. I know many people out there are knitting bobble-less versions, but I think the bobbles are charming. They look like little flowers on their stem.


Seeing your Demi really makes me want to pull out some tweedy yarn and knit something cozy. That bowl is beautiful, how lucky you are your dad is a crafter as well.

Demi is incredible. The pin cushion is wonderful, too!

Oh Elli that bowl is so beautiful. What a talented family you are!