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Wow. It’s Friday again. Want the week in Elli’s knitting recap? Sure you do.

Last weekend I almost finished the front of Demi*, discovered I'd missed two underarm decreases and put it down until last night when I picked it up again, decided I didn't care, and finished it. Here's hoping that one extra stitch can be hidden in each shoulder seam without too much trouble. If it turns out to be a problem I’ll reknit it later.

My Monday through Thursday knitting looks like this:
Toe up Jaywalker in Lemongrass Socks that Rock.

This sock may look all innocent and beguiling, but this is the third attempt.

-First attempt (started over New Years): I read the pattern wrong, resulting in the start of a teeny-tiny little skinny sock. No good. My ankles could be described in a variety of ways, but none of them would include the adjective “skinny.”

-Second attempt (on flight back from Christmas): I embark on one of the larger jaywalker sizes. However, this time I read the pattern correctly. Now I am knitting the sock that ate Minnesota. Even my big feet aren't that big.

-Third attempt (Monday): I go back to the original size I’d planned to knit but to shake things up I decide to do the toe-up version. Because really, who wants to knit the same thing three times in a row? Plus this way I can make them as tall as possible before binding off. Very smart. I am happy.

It’s really a good thing that this one is working out since I think I’ve exhausted every available online Jaywalker resource. This is one well supported sock.

*For those of you who are curious, I’m knitting Demi in Rowan Magpie Aran. Yes, it is discontinued. I know. I’m sad too. But I have another sweater’s-worth squirreled away in the stash. La, la, la…


That's a great colorway! I had trouble with too-big Jaywalkers, too, but I just finished 'em and gave them to my mother. I like the backdrop to your picture, complete with "Monroe City Gas Storage."

My jaywalkers were way too big too, so I redid them on size 0s. That just hurt, and the yarn wasn't right for them anyway, so I've put that pattern away for right now. It will come out again soon.

I've now knit three pairs of Jaywalkers and I swear they come out different every time. The first pair was a little big, but fine for bed socks. The second pair I did the same stitch count (the larger of the two sizes) but on smaller needles, and they came out just right. The third time -- just finished last week -- I started with the larger size and same size needles (US 1) as the second pair, but they were too big and I had to rip out and start over with the smaller size.

I have yet to try it toe-up; I can only imagine what kind of size issues I'd have.

Yours are looking lovely!

Those are fabulous. i had to start mine a few times as well. grrr :)

"skinny" would not define my ankles either. err, ankles aren't the problem per se, it is my high arches. nonetheless, the first time i knit the jaywalkers, complete with fabulous stripes, i could not pull them over my arch!

have a good weekend!

Love the socks. That lime-y colour looks almost edible. I'm working on a pair of Jaywalkers as well. Here's hoping I don't have to restart them thrice!

Ooh! I have that STR colorway, and it's exciting to see it knit up in a pattern I like. I'll be watching closely for more pix. And I feel ya' on the ankle issue. I think I would describe mine as "sturdy." (ha ha ha)

Wow! I feel rather insecure about my big feet . . . the large jaywalker fits fine. I did knit them on 1s out of Regia Silk so maybe that accounts for some of it, but now I am a bit concerned about my clod-hoppers. All kidding aside, that color is lovely and the toe-up version is awesome.

I STILL need to knit that pattern. I have the yarn and the pattern, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Your version is lovely.

oh man i want that STR colorway. so fresh and pretty. looking forward to see how it turns out!

ugh - I so hate when I do that (read a pattern wrong) I hate ripping, and doing it for that reason irritates me even more!

Yay for Demi progress!!!

Who cares about the knitting! Is that a parcel map that jaywalker is sitting on?

I just love, love, love the green!

I love the lemongrass! I'm almost done my first jaywalker with STR too! I'm knitting the smallest size with 2.5mm, and the fit seems to be turning out okay.

Oh Magpie! I've got my rainy day's worth set aside for Eris... Great yarn!

Such a great colorway. Looks like spring!

Lovin' the Jaywalkers. I have yet to attempt them. They're going to be wonderful. The color is so happy!

That colour is lovely for those socks! Thank you for the link to the toe up version.

I love that yarn! It's so pretty! I just started my first Jaywalker. I like the pattern enough but only really because it works well with variegated and self-striping yarn. That's about it. For all that effort, I hope your socks turn out well!!

I just love that colourway on your jaywalkers. I use my jaywalkers all the time they have a perfect fit:-)

Goodness! Reading your knitting adventures, reviewing what you have knitted in 2006, and viewing upcoming projects.... leave one adjective: "beautiful!" Zim

I love your Jaywalker socks. I too am currently working on a pair. I am also envious of your STR yarn--I have been eyeing that color for some time! :)

I love that yarn! Nice colors. :)