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Finished: Two Branching Out Scarves

Back from Christmas now! Lots to blog about, but I think I'll start off with a Christmas gift that I didn't have time to blog about before I left...

mummy, in scarf, with stockings

The Specs:
-Pattern: Branching Out, by Susan Pierce Lawrence (from Knitty).
-Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool; one skein for each scarf.
-Color: Charcoal grey (color 19).
-Needles: Size 7 birch.
-Start to finish: December 10 – December 29.
-For: One for my mum and one for Thunk’s Grandma Betty.

Notes: This was one of those presents that works out just right. I started by buying two skeins of the Silky Wool to knit my Mum a nice Christmas scarf. When I got home I poked around a bit online and chose the Branching Out pattern before I realized I’d bought the yarn the pattern calls for. How often does that happen?

I had such a nice time knitting the first one (which only took one skein) that I just went ahead and knit another one for Grandma Betty.


The Yarn: This stuff is great. It has an interesting, slightly nubbly texture but it’s still nice and soft. Plus it’s a bit tweedy (yay!).

The Pattern: You know if I find a lace pattern easy you can knit it too. In fact, I had such a nice time with it that I’m thinking of going back and having another go with the Flowerbasket Shawl (the “easy” lace pattern that kicked my tookus and rendered me lace-meek). I’ll let you know how that goes.

Mods: The only thing I changed was to leave off row 10 of the last repeat so that the ends match up a little more nicely.

Final Verdict: Two gifts + one contented knitter = lotsa winners!

[Bonus shot: Mummy works it for the camera.]


You're like a little Santa!
I love the Silky Wool and Tweed. They feel very organic.

Beautiful scarf and model. :D

It's lovely!

Your mom is so cute! And the scarf looks great.

Tooo cute! You look like your mum too!

Those scarves look great. I originally planned to make one for my mom for Christmas...now I definitely need to make one for her next gift. (And I love the bonus shot!)

This might help with the flower basket shawl...

I worked out how to place the stitch markers so that they work.


I don't have it indicated in this post, but I believe after each pattern repeat (10 rows in the FBS) you'll have to take out the stitch markers and place them anew, since you'll have one additional motif on each side of the center line.


Could your Mom BE any cuter?!

nice to have you back.

Branching Out was my first lace project and after that, I moved on to the Flowerbasket Shawl (and Leaf Lace Shawl...similar) with no problem. Just relax and after several repeats, you'll understand how the pattern works. All wonderful patterns. Go for it!!

Beautiful scarf! Very inspiring. I want to try lace and feel a little leary, maybe I'll start with this scarf!

Beautiful - especially the color! Looks great on your mom!

Wow, your family doesn't look alike at all, do they? ;) Welcome back!

Gorgeous scarf! As always, everything I see on your blog I want to knit. And I *love* that Thunk's grandma wears leather! That's the kind of grandma I want to be. Good to have you back.

Beautiful! I love the texture of the yarn....and the color! Looks like she loves it!

Great looking scarf!

Beautiful - I gave my mom a branching out scarf for Christmas too!

I love it when a project just works out. The scarves are lovely.

Beautiful scarves and that bonus shot is sooooo cute ;o)

Your scarf -- or should I say scarves -- turned out beautifully! And how cute is your mom in the bonus photo!?

thank god you're back!

Your mom is such a cutie! I love the scarves too.

The scarves look great! My grandmother confessed this past holiday to losing a scarf I had knit her a couple years ago, and I think this pattern could be a perfect replacement. My LYS even carries that yarn. I'm so glad I visited your site today.

Pretty scarves! I have always loved that pattern. And your Mom is awesome.

I love that yarn, too. My current project is a scarf from it, but mine is gonna be WARM -- it gets mighty cold here in WI in January. Your Branching Out makes me want to make one of those, too.

Welcome back! Great scarf, and your mom is the cutest.

Now that is a great scarf! Nice.

I love the scarves! I am trying the Branching Out myself but it is kicking my butt right now (I am fairly new to knitting and wanted a challenge). Yours looks great!

Lovely scarf. I've been eyeing this pattern for a while now. LOL. So much to knit, so little time.

Scarf is great!! Your mum looks thrilled!!!

Awww - these scarves are absolutely gorgeous! I so love the pattern, and they look perfectly elegant in the colour you were using!

I'm with you, the Flowerbasket Shawl kicked me in the tush when I gave it a go about a year ago. I just recently got over my fear of lace with the Shetland Triangle Shawl. Maybe it's not easier than the Flowerbasket, but it seemed really easy for a first-timer! And I can't say enough how much I love it :)