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Christmas 2006 Wrapup

It's Friday! For a first week back things have been busier than I would have liked but being on the verge of a three day weekend makes it all seem a lot better. Maybe I'll even get my suitcase unpacked.

So how about that Christmas thing, eh? Let's have the complete rundown:

-Chunky scarf for Kricket. Check!
-Branching out scarves for Mum and Grandma Betty. Check!
-Heirloom bag for Rae. Check!
-Beau sweater for Natey. Check!
-around 30 Korknisse for various friends and family. Check!
-Aran Cardigan for Thunky. Um, not done. Here's where we left off. Like last year, T's sweater is going to be more a birthday/valentine's day sort of sweater.

So not too bad, right?

I took a couple of weeks off for Christmas to go to Michigan (my family) and California (Thunk's family), so there was a goodish bit of hanging with knitters over the holidays. Highlights included:

-My cousin Jessica!

she mostly crochets, but we still love her

Jess is the cousin that finally moved to Michigan AFTER I moved away, for which I'll never forgive her. Despite this cousinly slight, I love her dearly and have been dying to check out City Knitting in Grand Rapids where Jessi works (lucky). Cool place! You know it's a good store when you come away with a complete knitting trifecta in your bag (knitting book, yarn, needles).

I consider it a personal triumph that I managed to leave the 2006 Brondsema family Christmas party with the crocheted hat that Jessica contributed to the free-for-all gift swap. Now if I could just figure out where on earth I packed the darn thing I'd get it out and take a picture for you. I have this bad bad feeling that I left it at my parent's place.


Why yes, I am hysterically happy to see yaiAnn. Why do you ask?

Thunk and I met up with yaiAnn and B. on New Year's Eve in San Francisco. We started off at Imagiknit (oh my...), and went on to eat really yummy burritos and ice cream, shop after Christmas sales, and then knocked around the city and generally had a lovely time. The day was gray and gloomy, but we got a few pics to prove that we both actually exist in real life.


hello! my bag looks an awful lot like your bag!

And lastly, but certainly not leastly...
-Thunk's Grandma Betty!

note the shifty, yarn-greedy look in my eye...

We got to stay with Thunky's Grandpa Carl and Grandma Betty for almost a week while we were out in California. Betty really did herself proud this year with the Christmas knits...she made a purse for each granddaughter-in-law and knitted enough cute little sweaters and things for Thunk's niece O. (the only great-grandchild in the family) to last her a few years. Almost made me want to provide great-grandchild number two. Almost.

On our last day Betty took us to her favorite yarn shop, Sonoma Yarn (see above). Despite not having any more room in my suitcase, I still wandered out of there with yarn and knitting mags. Oh well, how often to I get to this many cool yarn shops? Nevah.

So I'd say this vacation gets a rating of 10 for lovely knitters and stash-enhancement. Next stop, stash assessment! I bet you'll never guess what number one on my list of knitting resolutions for '07 is...


What a great purse! I love the flowers.

Family, friends and yarn shops, I can think of a better way to spend a holiday! Welcome back!

Looks like somebody had tons of fun. I could feel it as I read the post. Oh yeah, happiness!

You better start working for 2007 already. :D

Woo Grand Raggedy! Hi City Knitting! Hi Jessica!

And hello adorable Grandma Betty bag. Cute ribbon flowers.

OMG - it looks like an absolutely fabulous holiday. I am so jealous that you got to meet YaiAnn in real life! Grandma Betty is adorable and so is the bag she knit.

wow, so much holiday knitting, and a fun trip! I wish I could have been hanging out with you guys and the Weekenders instead of going down to LA. Next year!

wow fun pictures, beautiful knitting projects. Your hair is so long!

You did a lot of holiday knitting! I love the purse Grandma Betty made for you. The flower embroidery is great.

there are no pictures of me here. must i wrap myself in yarn for future christmases? hmmm?

by the way, i love my alpacha scarf. and ross is enjoying his glasses very much indeed.

You're so cute! Nice pics! Nice bag! Nice cousin and grandmother-in-law! Nice Christmas vacation. =)

Oh, my goodness! I'm from Grand Rapids. City Knitting is only a few miles from my house, and I had no idea it was there! I am SO checking it out!

Great post!! I love the pics, and it's fun to see what you all look like in "real life"! Love all the purses and bags...I don't sew, but I have a friend who does, and I'm hoping to get her to make me one of the Weekender Bags.

what a great holiday you had! that purse is so cute! love the flowers....looks like you made some nice stash enhancements as well :)

What a fantastic (and productive) holiday! And wow -- you look like a girl I went to high school with. You're not from Delaware, are you?

What a fun sounding vacation and adorable purse!
And Alamo Square and Imagiknit, those are in my neck of the woods! I heart Imagiknit too.

I love vacations with yarn tourism! I also love the Betty-Made bag - the flowers are a wonderful touch! How much yarn can is hold? :D

Looks like a great trip. I was already impressed with all your knitting (been lurking on the blog for awhile), but now I am super impressed with Grandma Betty also.

Grandma Betty's is so cute--but are you sure she's not the one with the shifty, yarn greedy eyes!
And look! Grandma's wearing the scarf you made her!

I live an hour from G.R. and never heard of that shop! Can't wait to check it out!

too cute! you look so happy! your bag is awesome too. happy new year!!

What great visits you had!!! The bag looks fantastic!

I am loving the two weekender bags! I am an admirer of your sweet blog and I had to say hello and tell you that, because of you, I will now be giving in to the urge to make myself a weekender bag too. Beautiful, practical, sassy AND cute.