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Off we go!

We're leaving town folks! I'll be checking in occasionally, but you may not hear from me until we get back on January 6 or so.

Happy Holidays everybody! Keep the blog warm for me.


Happy Holidays to you and Thunk! Safe travels. See you next year! :waving:

Have a great time and happy holidays!

Take care and have fun!

Have good times! See you next year!

Happy holidays to you too!

Happy holidays! Have a wonderful time.

We'll be here when you get back! Merry Merry!

Happy holidays to you too:-)

Thanks! Happy Holiday for you too!
Have a great time and Happy new Year 2007!!


Happy to find your site! Love that guy in the brown sweater and hat. The tall blonde in the neckscarf is good for modeling your work. Happy 2007!

So good to see you during our brief and random encounter! Happy Holidays!

Goodness! What fun to have met you in person! Your work is so lovely, and, not being crafty myself, I was delighted with the cork ornament you gave me. So cute! So the big guy with the hat belongs to you.....
Hmmm. Awesome! "Zim"

Hi - Noted the lovely baby sweater by EZ - am attempting same - what is meant by 4x7 sts at the cast on sleeve sts.? Any help greatly appreciated.