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Finished: Korknisse Ornaments

So some of the Korknisse are finished. I decided to do a FO post since I've started to give some of them away (and besides, they all look about the same). So far I've made 13 of these little dudes. By the end of the holiday season I will probably have made close to 30.

we are legion

The Specs:
-Pattern: Korknisse, from Saartje Knits.
-Yarn: various aran and worsted weight yarns
-Needles: size 3 dpns
-Notions: corks*, skinny ribbon, permanent black marker, little teeny-tiny jingle bells and sequin pins.

*after I first posted about this project, Nova sent me a whole big bag of corks (along with an awesome Christmas mix). Thanks so much Nova!


Notes: I love this little pattern. On average, it takes about 35 minutes to complete a single nisse. That includes knitting, sewing in the ends, drawing the little face, sewing the bells on and attaching the ribbon. So it's one of the quicker gifts I've come across. Even when you add up how long it'll take to make 30 of them (17.5 hours) that's not too bad...and I'll have thirty cute little gifts when I'm done!

The only change I made to the pattern was to cast on three extra stitches when using worsted weight yarn. This makes it a bit larger to compensate for the thinner yarn and the hat decreases still work out nicely. I'll also admit to shortening a few of the larger corks, since I think they look a bit cuter when they're short and squat.


Ornamentizing: Most of these pics were taken before I attached the ribbons, but all of these have since been turned into ornaments. All I did was attach a 9-inch piece of ribbon to the top of the cork with a couple of sequin pins (those are the extra short ones they stock in the sequin section) and then thread the ribbon though the hat using a darning needle.


Final Verdict: korknisse for everybody!


These are ADORABLE!! I wish I had known about them sooner! Something for next year then!

TOO cute!!! And lovely photos! :-)

Beyond cute.

Those are insanely cute. I love the last photo too!

I love you Korknisse rainbow! How sweet.

I guess I will have to hang onto corks for next year. I love your little jingle bell touch!

I love them!! They are so fun looking! Maybe I will knit some up next year (not 30 though!).

Adorable! SO Cute!

Where's mine? ;)


And you're right. The shorter and chubbier, the better.

How adorable! I love the last photo all color arranged...

Eep. So. darn. cute. If I got these as a gift, I would be so happy. I love the rainbow pic! I'm so making these as a gift for mom and grandma next year, oh yeah, and myself...I have visions of packaging them as a little rainbow, now!

I love your korknisse! I started making some this season, but I quickly got backloaded with other projects. But they're so quick, cute, and fun that I hope to have them done for next year.

Thanks for the links.

they are TOO cute.

those are too cute. they're a little army!

How adorable!

Those are really too cute. I love the first shot, "We are advancing, a-cork-ably."

Oh, those are so cute!

Now that deserves a full-blown SQUEE! So. Cute.

love that last photo!

I'm in love with your army of korknisse. They look so cute all together. I might start collecting corks so I can have an army of my own for next christmas.

oh the cuteness! almost unbearable! now i want 30 korknisser too.

oh god those are so cute.and the photos are perfect. i think i need to drink more wine.

Those are painfully cute!! I can't look at them anymore...*tear*

oooh, tres jolie! i'm in love!

Oh, those are adorable!

I'm joining the chorus - a legion of cuteness! And what great photos you took of them too!

I love them! I am so impressed!

those are absolutely adorable... my problem -- I'd want a legion to keep myself, not just one!

Holla!! Those are just too darn cute! Thanks for showing us!

it's an army of CUTE!!

OMG - these are too cute! And I LOVE the rainbow photo. Great!

Adorable!! I love the color range of them - did you just use leftovers? I need some of these, I think.

Oh they're so cute! I like the (last) rainbow picture too.

Those are so very cute! I think I'll start saving corks now. Let's see... 30 corks by next December. Better be on the safe side and have at least 3 bottles of wine a month!

Those are too cute! I am also wishing I had some corks saved up, but I'm also glad I've purposefully kept my Christmas knitting list short this year.
I love the photos too!

They are SO cute! I love the jingle bells addition :) I had wanted to make some Korknisse too, but turns out it is so difficult finding corks around here.

When I saw this pattern I went right to the local wine-kit store and grabbed a bag of corks :) I *love* the little bells and your variety of colours.

SUPER cute!

I want, I want! Those are great and very adorable!

Hot damn, those are cute! What a fab last-minute gift, and it uses up scraps. I will be all over these next year!

What can I say that hasn't been said!? Your korknisses are too damn cute.

Oh I love them! They are sooooo insanely cute!

Like everyone else, I find the korknisse to be freaking adorable. Especially when presented in rainbow form. Great job!

Aaah! So cute!

I love those! Way too cute. Defiantly something to do for next year. Quick easy and not a scarf. hehe

Holy crap those are cute! Must make some........but when?

Oh no. I'm done for. There is so much I need to do, and here I sit knitting a korknisse and searching for a cork.

BTW Rowan's Kid Classic makes lovely fuzzy little korknisse.

So nice to see that you liked my korknisse pattern.
Love the way they turned out.

Did you use just regular wine corks? I love, love, love them - I must make some for next year!

so, i saw these AFTER christmas but was compelled by their cuteness to drive a ridiculous distance to acquire a bag of corks so that i could make them. i have 7 so far and have already made other knitters admire their adorableness.so, my first FOs for 2007 are presents for christmas 2007.

I found your cute Korknisse after I found the pattern (and googled to see what others had done with it). They are SO cute. You can see the one I've knit so far HERE. I used your mini bells idea, and added googly eyes to mine. I hope to make a bunch for Christmas '07. Great blog, I've added you to my google reader list.

Those are just adorable!

I love these!! I've made one last night.. an plan to make many more.. I also added you to you list of blog, if you don't mind :)

Saartje, ik maakte voor de patienten van het psychiatrisch ziekenhuis in Tsjechië meer dan 100 korknissen. Schitterend vonden ze dat! En ik heb er zelf netzoveel plezier aan beleefd.

Yours are so adorable! I made one recently and just posted it to my blog. I also put a link in to your blog as yours are way cuter than mine!

These are SOOOOO cute!

Those are just so amazingly adorable. I *have* to make some. I can't seem to find those tiny bells online. Any idea of where I could get them???


So cute!!

Thank's a lot for this delicious idea. I've made a lot of them with rest of angora yarn. My christmas tree is multicolor and this little things are so cute !

The "corks" are arrived in France ! I've made a link to your blog to convey the other to knit a team .. as I made ;-)
Thanks again and have a very good christmas evening. Kiss from Paris (France)!

Oh, how cute! I have a huge bag of corks that I can't use for winemaking! Too bad I can not knit.