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Finished: Heirloom Bag

Those of you who have been hanging around here for a while may recall that this bag was started over Labor Day weekend 2005 by my sister Rae. She crocheted the doily-bits and, feeling the collaborative enthusiasm, I got going on the bag part.

Shortly after Rae went home I chucked it back in the basket. Mostly because of the colors (I may or may not have used unkind words to describe them). Regardless, Rae would occasionally ask me about the bag and when I planned to finish it, mentioning that she would like to have it if/when it was ever completed. So, in a heartwarmingly Christmassy effort of sisterly love, I have finished it. I may have taken over a year to do it, but here it is:


The Specs:

-Heirloom Bag, from Rowan 37.
-Yarn: Knit Picks Shine in apricot, violet, cherry, and grass (originally purchased for Anouk)
-Needles: various size 3s.
-Tassels: pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
-Notions: green fabric and thread for the lining.
-Start to finish: September 2005 - December 16, 2005.
-For: my lovely sister Rae.

more excitement inside!

Notes: A pretty quick and easy project, once I actually got going on it. The whole thing is really very sturdy since the handle is double-thick in addition to being lined. My only changes to the pattern (well, aside from a different yarn with a completely different gauge) were to add a pocket and some tassels, just to up the fancy-factor.

I'm particularly proud of my finishing job on this bag. It may look like a circus tent, but it's a really, really well-made circus tent.

Final Verdict: A bit bizarre. But to quote Bridget Jones' mother: "...that's lovely, isn't it - 'bizarre'?"


Nothing better than an FO to cross off your list! Now onto the other knits! =)

Hey - you gotta love a good looking circus tent!

That is some stunning finishing work indeed! Like you, I'm not fond of the colours but I can't deny the bag looks fantastic. :)

The details on that bag are exquisite and the finishing is perfect.

You say circus, I say Beachcombing Rasta. In a good way.

Exquisite finishing, I have to say! The colors? Well, you don't have to use it - it's your sister's bag so I think it's a huge success.

Cool bag!

oh wow another FO..looks like you've been busy girl :) your heirloom bag turned out gorgeous, so as those little korkiness ornaments. Have a fabulous holiday & Merry Christmas!!

Bright, yes, but I still think its pretty neat.

i like your version much better than rowan's ... their's was all romantic, yours is vibrant! it looks super functional too :)

I like! It has a touch of the bizarre for sure, but in a very good, hip, young way ;) The purple edging around the flap is too cool!

A little "colorful" for my taste, but very well constructed!

I think it looks great! I agree--a little bright for my taste too, but the bag itself looks nice and very well-constructed!

Hi. I love your blog! I've been checking your archives from Japan (^^). Happy holiday!

I think it's wonderful. I've always loved that bag from Rowan and now that i've seen your take on it i think i may need to have a go myself.

I love this bag. And the colors are actually what drew me to it. Very fun looking :)

Hi, I really like the heirloom bag and have started to knit my own version. but unfoturnately I am stuck and would like your help especially since you have completed one for your sister. Your help would be much appreciated as I am still new to all the knitting. Thanks