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Creeping up on Christmas

Thanks for all the very nice comments on Beau, everybody! You do realize that Thunk is going to be nearly impossible to live with now, right? If he leaves me to run off to New York and start his modeling career it will be All Your Fault. I’m just saying.

In other news, I’ve still got a few smaller projects to finish up before I take off for Christmas...and exactly one week in which to finish them. So here’s what I’ve got going:

Korknisse, the advanced guard

hello. we are a boy band.

There are actually more of them now…I took the picture last Sunday. I still need to add little eyes and things…maybe some spangles. The goal is to have the whole army ready by Saturday.

Branching Out


This will be Mum’s Christmas scarf. I started it on Sunday and I’m currently about a third of the way done. The yarn is Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool. Nice stuff. Good pattern. I am pleased.

Heirloom bag:

Sorry, no picture of this one. But I'm finished with all the knitting and just have to figure out how to line the danged thing. And here you thought it was a permanent fixture on the WIP list. How wrong you were...

And in the finished category we have...
Etched Glasses for Rosser


Nearly impossible to photograph, but you get the idea. These are for the other BIL. In case you can’t tell what the pictures are supposed to be, they are: the Greek flag, the four suits, his initials, the Parthenon, a skull and crossed hockey sticks, and a cricket.

They were a lot of fun to make…who doesn’t like playing around with acid and an exacto knife? The hardest part was deciding what to put on them. Instructions for making your very own can be found here.

That's it for now! Back to work with me...


How fun! I love your little army!!!!

The glasses are great - I etched a big huge mug for my sister one year - it was a lot easier than I thought!

"Who doesn’t like playing around with acid and an exacto knife?"

Were truer words ever spoken?

I am making the Branching Out for my mother too ;) unfortunately she reads my blog, so no pics till after Christmas. Yours looks great!

I heart the korknisse! I'd like to have an army of my own, though, I'm certain my cats would stage a rather one-sided battle against the week korks. Hm. That might be pretty fun to watch actually....

And wow - Beau is fabulous! Which settles it, I have to order a copy of Vintage Knits right now - every project I see out of this book is amazing. Your BIL is a lucky guy!

Cool glasses! I attempted to make something similar in high school, but yours turned out waaaay better. Maybe I should give it another try, eh?

Oh, and I realized I never did tell you how awesome Beau turned out. Very nice work. Makes me want to cast on for one for my husby right now.

Oh I'm thinking I have some terribly cold corks! and etching cream was my old pal back when I was a labrat.. going to have to have a play with that as well. Love your FOs!

My, you've been busy. Keep up the good work.

Ooooohh...Pretty glasses...I want some! I need to make some now! I mean right now. I need to leave work and do that! That's for the idea. :)

Those glasses are so damn cool. I just wracked my brain for someone who needs etched glasses for Christmas and I've got no one! Bums.

Bookmarked for future use though.

Very cool, very crafty christmas. The korknisse are adorable.

Silky wool - wow, what a great choice for branching out.

BTW, the Beau sweater is all kinds of awesome. Perfect male knit!

You have the best ideas! i've been collecting corks for a while to make a cork board but i may use a few for some kornisse of my own!

Your Branching Out looks great.

Very cool projects.
The boy band is adorable. :D

Oh, thanks for the link to the Korknisse pattern. My boss announced yesterday that we would have a department Christmas party next week and when I asked what that involved (I'm temping there, haven't ever been there at Christmas) she went on breezily about eating yummy stuff and exchanging little gifts. I'd been thinking about making some of these little guys; this is the perfect excuse. Luckily there are only four of us in the department.

I like those little Korknisses!! And look forward to seeing the Heirloom bag.

Do you paint them after you etch them, the anti-craft thing doesn't say. I love that site so very much.

Elli you are such a clever and multi-talented lady, I feel honoured to be your blog friend