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Warning, slow finisher

Here's where Beau was around 1:30 yesterday afternoon:


In case you had any illusions that I am a fast finisher, here's how the rest of the day progressed:

2pm - 5pm: attached shoulders, knitted on collar and one button band. (So for those of you keeping score, that's: 2 three needle bind offs, 8 cm of ribbing for the collar, and a few cms of knitting for the first button band).

6pm - 11:30pm: knit other button band on, set in two sleeves using newly found miraculous technique called "backstitching” (am VERY slow backstitcher). Mattress stitched one side seam. In here you can also count the three times I dragged Thunk into the kitchen for fittings so that he could tell me how nice the sweater looked at various stages.

So...that makes my to-do list for tonight:
-mattress stitch other side seam and both sleeve seams.
-sew down button bands.
-weave in ten million ends.
-locate and sew on appropriate buttons (may require venturing out into cold night air. pray for button stash treasures).

Almost there...
Stay on target...


Backstitch.. guuuuh.. I hate backstitch! I just like good old mattress stitch. Hopefully I'll be on the finishing boat soon. Sweater pieces are blocking and drying as we speak! Now I just gotta punch out the button bands and collar. We're never done when we think we are.

Honestly, sometimes I think it takes me just as long to finish a sweater as it does to knit it. Stay on target--it'll all be over soon. But don't go get those buttons if the weather is as bad as it is here!

I totally qualify as one of those *RUSH!* finishers, who speedily hastens the finish, only to later realize it was expedited a little more sloppily than I would have liked. Therefore, I fully acknowledge that I am in no position to offer any finishing advice. I will say that the Pile o' Beau looks fantastic, and I'm sure the finished sweater will be even more marvelous!

Oh! So close! I can't wait to see it! Will we be getting a modeled shot?

Take your time! You won't be thinking of how much time you saved if your seams are lumpy and uneven, but will admire them if you spend a bit more time and they're perfect.

Beau's looking great, even in its current form.

You do have me nervous on the finishing, though.

Oooooh so exciting! I can't wait!

I have a love/hate relationship with finishing. I actually enjoy mattress stitch quite a bit. Ok, there ends the "love" part.

Finishing... ick. Just when you think you're "practically done", finishing takes forever! I can't wait to see the outcome!!!

You're so close! Saying a prayer you find nice buttons in the house-it's cold out!

You can do it! Just take a deep breath and go for it.

Looking good. You can do it! Keep saying that over and over and it will come true.

You can do it...rah rah rah shish boom bah!!! Can't wait to see it. Eye on the Prize and all that

Almost there! Keep up the great work!!

I love seeing a project go through all the stages. Sounds like you do finishing like I do - hours and hours. I just ordered the same yarn off ebay to make this sweater for my man, too. How does yours like it so far?

It's going to be fabulous!!
Hope you are 'enjoying' the process. I love the color.