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waiting for the light

Beau is all put together! All I need to do is sew on the buttons and steam those sleeve cap seams a bit. I've been putting that off in favor of some spinning since we won't actually be able to get any photos with natural light until this weekend. Beau deserves more than a bed shot. Ick. For now you get a teaser:

sunlight courtesy of me sleeping in yesterday morning...

The brown lambswool there will (hopefully) become another Christmas gift. Depending on how the yarn turns out, it could be any of a number of things. I'm in as much suspense as you.

And, in case you doubt me about the light thing (which I'm sure you don't, because it's probably just as dark where you live), here's what the sky looked like at 5:30 last night:

Dark. Pretty, but dark.


OMG, the sweate came out beautifully. But, where did you get that couch? I am in love!

you must live south of me, cuz that looks more like 4:30 around these parts (portland, or).

i stumbled on your blog via grumperina's picovoli gallery a couple months back and i'm very impressed with all your work. i can't wait to see beau in his full glory...

Ewwww! I want to seeeee it!

Nice peak at Beau! Beautiful sky! I await the project done in the brown lambswool!

"bed shot"? "teaser"? I can't wait to hear about the Google hits this post is going to get!

I will always remember Beau in the *Jane* shot with walnuts. Brilliant.

Great picture! I love the sunset :)

That sunset is gorgeous--what amazing clouds!

your such a tease. beau looks beautiful draped over the green couch... even out of focus. Can't wait!

Lack of light is killing me too. I don't touch my camera during the week which is heartbreaking but what are the other options?

Ah yes, the infamous "dark season" in Bloomington. I don't miss that one bit.

I'll give you natural light for xmas if you come to Arizona where it's sunny every day! But.....dreadfully COLD.

:) As always your projects amaze me!


Great sunset picture.

I didn't know you were a spinner. How did I miss that? What wheel do you have - is that a minstrel? Beau looks wonderful. It'll be done soon enough.

I can't wait until I can tackle a sweater. You inspire me!