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Reshaped: Knitting Needle Bracelets

You know how sometimes you see something and you think…I could do that! Well, I saw something (click on the "shop" link for more).


It’s no secret that I love my vintage knitting needles, and normally I would never do anything to harm them. However, I have a few odd mateless one sitting around cluttering up the joint and I may have sacrificed a few of the wonkiest for the sake of science, er, fashion.


At first I tried using boiling water to soften the plastic, but I eventually gave that up in favor of steam which we all know is hot, hot, hot*. So I put on my biggest oven mitts and was very cautious. They aren’t perfect, but I think they turned out pretty well. I kinda want to make some more.


*Please do not say I didn’t warn you. If you have a hankering to try this at home, please be very, very careful.


those are too damn cute!!! Thanks for sharing....i will have to try!

fabulous! love love love.

What fun! I will have to look in my knitting needles - there are some duplicates in my old plastic needles I think! You have started something. Lots of knitters will be sporting new bracelets and necklaces maybe!

Very cool! Love that tortoise shell looking one.

I think ; I could do that, so often (to often I'm sure)and I couldn't help smiling when I saw that you are doing the same. The bracelets are so cool and I love the yellow one (great colour).

The tortoiseshell bracelet is just fantastic! I love the way it loops around itself.

Love the tortoiseshell! Hmm, I have one or two mateless vintage needles kicking around...

Awesome arm adornments, indeed! Those are cool. And the fabric for your background? Divine, I must say.

so clever! i love them! new uses for old things: brilliant!

What a creative way to recycle old needles that have lost their mate! Love 'em.

Too cool! The tortoise one is tres chic. What a great way to use those lonely needles.

Those are great! I wish I had some old needles I could do that with! I guess there's always eBay...

those are awesome! I too love the tortoise shell one, very glam!

What a great idea for those colorful needles!!!!!

Very cool!

Those look great! I had seen a similar idea several years ago with toothbrushes, but knitting needles are definitely more fun.

Wow. How adorable is that?!

I must confess, I'm slightly disappointed that these are not needles you can pull off and use at a moment's notice (I have high expectations, I suppose). They are very cute though!

Ooooh I love it! Especially the tortoiseshell one...its very cute and classic!

Neat! I love that tortoiseshell one!

OMG! I love them. Now I need to find some cool plastic needles and try this out (and don't worry - I won't blame you when I burn myself).

Oooh, now I know what to make for all of those knitters that I know...

Those are very, very cool!

That tortoisey one is so neat! You could sell those...

That is so clever! I definitely have to try this :)

This is so cool that I want one of it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Now, where to find old needles?

Lovely :)

Fantastico. I have a Mason jar bristling with those needles. Do I dare?

more info on how to make these would be excellent

I made some of these cos they are so cool and my knitster friends love them as gifts. Another thing to do is add a beaded stitch marker as a charm and when you need to mark something, just take it off!

thanks for sharing i have wondered how to do this.bending them with my mind wasnt really working!

These are wonderful. What did you bend them around to give them their shape? I've just come into a boatload of old knitting needles and have pulled out all the singles to try this. Thanks!