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Beau and Walnuts

Beau's back is complete. The front has been cast on and I'm planning on knocking out a goodly chunk of it tonight while listening to more audio books.


A few of you commented that you listen to audio books when you knit too. I love the way that they make themselves part of the knitting experience. Sometimes they make enough of an impression that I can look at a finished project and remember which books I was listening to while knitting it...other times not so much.


I finished out the back while listening to Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon Summer 1956 which I enjoyed. I'll admit it. I'm a Praire Home Companion junkie, so it logically follows that I’d love a book by Garrison. There's just nothing better than spending Saturday evenings singing along to out of tune old-timey hymns and listening to radio dramas. What was that I just heard? Oh yes, the un-hippometer going off. Oh well.

I couldn't help myself. I had to pull a Jane.

The Yorkshire Tweed Aran is just the color of walnuts. Ummy nummy.


Darned purty, alright. The Prairie Home Companion reference brought out the southern in me.

Beau is turning out nicely, indeed.

Wow, the back looks really pretty. Er, I mean, handsome. Your stitches look lovely in those shots. I love Prairie Home Companion, too! Started listening when I was really young. I tend to knit with movies, but I *really* want to start using audio books. Better for the head. Do you buy them or use audible? Is it affordable? I think that's what's holding me back, t.v. is free...

So,hmm, what is listening to Slaughterhouse Five going to do to my Urban Aran and Jay's toque? (And I, too, am a PHC junkie.)

Beau is looking Beau-tiful! Har har, I kill me=)

I love listening to Garrison Keillor!

Beau is looking fantastic!

that looks so beautiful.. i'm so sad they discontinued YT! I have yet to try the audio books... it certainly would help my non-reading lately!

I love these photographs. Very clever with the walnuts, and you're right, they match exactly!

I must try out these "audiobooks." Intriguing.

hehe thats the pattern in the vintage knits book right after Salina so I look at it most every day, it's soo nice. Will you take a photo of it on the recipient? Would love to see it on!

Lookin' good! I'm working on Beau, too, and am about to finish the back. It just zooms along, huh?

Your walnuts look so light in color! I love the photos.

When it comes to being hip, life just isn't as much fun when worrying about being hip. I myself am a self proclaimed geek. :)

So far so good. So what's this bring the Christmas list count to?

I had wanted to know what that was for years! My art teacher used to let us listen to that during class and I loved it. Never been able to figure out what it was. Thank you so much for that reference!!!

I love reading your blog :)
You are a beautiful knitter

I love listening also - I have a bunch of Dean Koontz that really brings me in and I love knitting stockinette to it!

Great photo with the walnuts! The perfect color!

I remember being TOTALLY TORTURED in the car when I was little and my parents would insist on listening to PHC--and now I time my Saturday errands so I can have it on in the car. Yay for unhipness!

Beau is looking very manly. I am loving he color...very nutty!

I love prairie home companion too! :) and I just got this same colorway of yorkshire tweed to do the phildar swing jacket. seeing it all knitted up here all pretty is really getting me inspired to finish swatching... :)

Love. Those. Photos.!!! The walnuts are perfect!
I am a audiobook junkie. There is nothing that makes me happier than listening to a good book and knitting.

I love the photos! I am an audiobook listener too. It makes blocking go by so quickly!

I tend to knit while, um, my husband plays video games. I think I may suggest the books on tape!!!

I love the Beau. It gives me inspiration; I have an upcoming "man knit" on my list and I'm scared at just how long it will take me!

I thought that last picture looked vaguely reminiscent--at least with the walnuts you get your omega-3s.

gorgeous sweater and the pictures are very fun.

Hee. I love to dance to the sound of the un-hippometer

Lovely! That yarn is such a pretty color and texture; Beau looks like the perfect simple (but not boring) stitch pattern to showcase the lovely texture of the yarn.
Since when is Prairie Home Companion not hip?? Or at least, Lindsey Lohan being in the movie version must have done something for its hipness factor.

Beau is looking awesome! I may have to put it on my "to knit" list for *my* beau.

The sweater back looks gorgeous, and I love your photography!

I think Prairie Home Companion is so not hip it's cool.

hey, this isn't spam i promise, but i'd like to email you a question and can't find an email address here on your lovely blog. could you possibly send me an email and then i could write back to you? thanks. sorry for gumming up your comments!

your sweater is turning out great and such a wonderful color. i listen to audio books while driving. it helps the drive a lot easier.

What a beautiful sweater, beautiful photographs, and gorgeous yarn. But what I'm really excited about is that there's another knitter who listens to Prairie Home Companion. It's great knitting company.

I am also a Prairie Home Companion fan! many people don't get the humour, while I am on the floor in stitches...
great "Jane", its very attractive!

Check out Sissy Spacek reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" -- amazing!

The nuts make it look even more yummy! The back's looking great, and I totally agree about the audio books, they're great knitting company!

looks good. i did three of these to different male family members. and men look wonderful in the sweater. gets lots of compliments from girls.

I just love the pictures with the walnuts .. that's so creative, and the color really is close. :)