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This past week was a bit on the unproductive side…it’s amazing how much less I get accomplished when I have a cold. A bit sad really. But I’m all healthy now.

One thing that wasn’t at all dismal was the mail. Early in the week a package arrived from Lois (all the way from Singapore!) with my prize from her birthday drawing. Thanks, Lois!


See that yummy looking yarn? It’s pretty much a direct sub for Kidsilk Haze. I keep having visions of it knitted up in a simple shawl. Maybe something similar to the bubbly curtain from Mason-Dixon Knitting except, you know, less curtainy. It really wants to be something simple to show off the colors. Still, it’ll be a couple months before I have time to cast on for that. Plenty of time to think, but suggestions are always welcome if you have any!

On Friday another package was waiting for me when I got home, this time from the lovely Angela! Guys, she knitted me socks!

Do I have the whitest white-person legs or what?

Hooray! We had to have an artsy-fartsy photoshoot to celebrate (Thunk is really a good sport about this whole knitting photography thing). The socks are absolutely perfect…and I’m talking down to the very last stitch. Here’s the proof:

Beautiful, eh?

I took them on a test run to the doctor’s office this morning. Nothing’s better than a pair of nice hand knitted wooly socks to keep you warm when you go in for your yearly lady-parts appointment. Though a heated examining table is nice too.

If you want the specs and back-story on the socks, check out Angela’s post for today…it’s pretty funny, actually.

Thanks again Angela!

In other news:

Saturday I felt a sudden inspiration to cast on for Beau (gotta get those Christmas gifts in gear!) and cranked out a goodly sized patch of knitting while listening to Sarah Vowell’s Assassination Vacation (which I loved). It’s amazing how quickly things go when you aren’t knitting cables or lace.


At this rate Beau should be done in no time. Hooray for mindless knitting!


Aw - those are such great socks - what a wonderful gift!!!!!

Lovely blue socks!

Cute socks! I have to laugh, I saw the Rowan photo of Beau and I thought, "I really want to knit that! Where's the pattern from?" Heh, it's from Vintage Knits, which I already have. Woot!

I always know that you've posted, because I get a comment on my blog right afterward - very sweet. I love the socks Angela made you. They are exquisite! The start on Beau is great, too. Isn't it great to sink your teeth into a sweater?

Tell us more about that yarn - is it kidsilk and mohair? percentages and price points please! My kidsilk sub is artyarns tsuki - it's $16 for 500 yards, 40/60 kidsilk/mohair.

Socks do not get more impressing than this! They are beautyful :-D

What a goodie-filled post! Those socks are really adorable and they look so comfortable.

I can't wait to see your Beau, it's one of my favorite man sweaters. I want to modify it for myself.

Yowsa! And who gets what's INSIDE the Beau? (Time for a cold shower.) It IS a great pattern, though. Eager to see your progress.

Lucky gorgeous-blue-socked duck! And Beau is looking good in that manly, tweedy-tan kinda way! Mmmm... Beau...

Ooh, lucky girl. Those socks are darling!

Beau is looking v. manly. It looks like you are jamming on it.

Those are so lovely! They are beautiful on your feet :).

Gorgeous socks (and the photo's pretty great too). I really like Beau - where's it from?

such pretty socks! i think you should pay it forward and knit me a pair ;p

Yahooo!! I'm so happy they fit! I have to agree with Julia, Art Fibers Tsuki is a great KSH sub. Maybe we'll stop by there when you're here. Did you book yet?

I have all the yarn for Beau (in a blue/green, though I did love the color in the book because it's called "Muffin"), but there's just no way I can knitalong for Christmas. I'll watch from the sideline.

Nice socks! My first pair of socks are that pattern, actually, my only pair of socks are that pattern! I should start a new pair.

Beautiful socks -- you're having some excellent mail karma this week.

Socks in the mail...I am so envious right now! Those are just lovely! As is your faux kidsilk haze- luscious!

What gorgeous socks! I love the ridge on the sides, such a gorgeous detail.

Can't wait to see what you make with that kidsilkish yarn, it's such a deep color combo.