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Thanksgiving Guestblogger: my sister Rae

Wednesday we drove down to visit Elli and Thunk for a very festive T-day weekend. In a burst of domesticity, Elli and I undertook a rather ambitious Thanksgiving feast. It turned out to be delicious, with only a few small mini-disasters (the fancy canned organic cranberry jelly Elli had purchased had a spot of mold on the top, the turkey decided to finish cooking approximately two hours before anyone was hungry, and the dishwasher exploded as it was draining and leaked gallons of rinse-cycle water all over the kitchen floor). Ah, the stuff memories are made of…

you know we're feeling extra domestic when we break out the aprons

A few weeks ago Nate and I found out we’re having a boy. This means that Elli will be an aunty. As such, she must fulfill her social obligation to spoil her little nephew, which means that she will spend many hours knitting small adorable booties and sweaters (gigantor hint) and buying cute baby clothing. Below you see the first outfit I have received for the baby so far, a prezzie from Elli. It’s perfect as I love duckies.


Since this summer, I’ve spent many hours lazing around and generally using pregnancy as an excuse for excessive unproductivity. However, I have found a little time betwixt my full-time teaching job, graduate class and watching Grey’s Anatomy to make a few items for the baby:

From Butterick pattern 5439.

I’ve also been stenciling onesies for the baby (using freezer paper method as per angry chicken’s instructions.) I have to admit I went a little crazy with this. They’re just so much fun. Elli got one in this weekend as well (hers is the adorable squirrel in the front).

(bomb onsie idea shamelessly copied from here)

About the author:
Even though she doesn't really act like it, Rae is my older sister. She enjoys sewing, physics, and dragging her sisters along on wilderness camping trips with lots of poison ivy. She is married to Nate, who is a fine specimen of man. Their baby will probably enjoy archery, canoeing, and competitive caber tossing.



Yea for aunties! And big sisters! I'm gonna make me some onsies now.

I must delurk (okay, I only started reading a couple of days ago, but still) to say that that is the cutest maternity top I have ever seen! And the little overalls! And the onesies! I would really like to apply to be your sister?

Cute, cute and cute! Btw.. what's a caber?

Those onesies are the cutest things in the world. I love the owl and gnome. I'm ovewhelmed with cuteness.

Oh, and to yaiAnn: a caber is like a telephone pole that big burly men throw around.

Oh my gosh, the onsies. Too cute! I really need to learn to draw (or find a good set of templates) so I can make some for my niecephew.

Rae- Hurrah for boys! Thanks for the reminder about the freezer paper stencils, as my own sister is pregnant and I wanted to do this project with her.

Elli-Your sister is beautiful! And I was just blogging about mine the other day. Must be something in the air.

I'm already formulating my own post for the next guestblog - just waiting...

Y'all are toooo cute! I want a sister, darnit!! I love the onesies and the striped baby coveralls; that will be one well-dressed babe! Looks like you guys had a great turkey day.

I love onesies! I'm stealing the gnome one. Sorry. I guess it's for a toddler, so does that count? Love the sister blogging, but who doesn't love their sisters'?

why is there no mention of the weepfest that ensued during turkey carving when y'all realized how much you missed me and rosser?


oh hey- that wasn't me before. that was ross. really, it was ross.

What a great guest blogger. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Those little onesies are so cute that I am tempted to make one for the child I don't yet have!