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Beau on the go

We've got progress peeps! I've just been chugging away on various bits of Beau. I finished the front a week ago, and jumped straight into the sleeves. Here's where they were on Saturday:


And here's where they are now...along with all the other finished bits for reference. I know it looks like a huge goldish lump, but the sleeves are there over on the right side there (picture taken at 11:30 last night. Sorry about that.)

As usual, I'm knitting both sleeves at the same time so that they'll be identical. It's a bit of a pain to cram all those stitches onto the needles* but it’ll be worth it. I just have another inch or so before the sleeve cap shaping and then there's just the blocking, sewing up, and collar knitting-on. Maybe I'll have this one done by sometime this weekend? Maybe?


In other news:

-I have done no Christmas shopping. But Rae helped me put the tree up over the weekend so that puts me ahead of last year when the Christmas decorations never even made it out of the box.

-Snow forecasted for Friday!

-Somewhere along the line (like last week) I decided that it would be a fantastic idea to knit an army of of Saartje's Korknisse to make into Christmas ornaments. This would be an extra little knitty gift for, you know, everybody in my life (except Rae, who thought they were weird, so she doesn't get one). So far I've got two done, but am suffering from a cork shortage. A trip to the winery is on the to-do list. Pictures to come.

*I know that circular needles are the most fantastic invention since the wheel, but somehow I always find myself using dpns and straights. I can't explain it. Does this means I'm an enigma? I've always wanted to be an enigma. Though on second thought it probably just means I'm stuck in a rut.


My sister would go gaga over those little cork-y creatures - I must make some!

I don't know what to tell ya about the dpns and straights - I never liked dpns, but was SURE I would always use straights. Until I knit a sweater... And now it's all circs, all the time. Huh. Just go with what feels best to you - it's all good!

Those ornaments are adorable! My bf's mom is always saving corks for me to use in projects, so I'll have to make some for her this year.

Holy beautiful photo of needles Batman! With gorgeous, happy needles like that, I'd be devout to straight needles as well. ;)

What juicy fun colors!

Looking forward to seeing your corky critters.

I still use wood straights for small projects because I love the organic feel-but I'm addicted to circs. Your Beau is coming along nicely.

Thanks for the Korknisse link! That's a great idea I'll have to use!

OMG, those cork things are the cuteness!

Good progress on Beaue!

Wow, Beau is coming along! Looking good. Maybe it will be ready in time for the snow! I like that you use bamboo needles. Your progress and finished pics look so pretty and organic!

I'm with you on straight needles. Elizabeth Zimmermann would have a cow. There's something very pure and simple about straight knitting needles!!

The sweater looks like it's coming along nicely!

Beau's so pretty. And the needles are, too. And there's something to be said for long, straight needles.

Go with being an enigma - you're definitely NOT "stuck in a rut" x

What a cute idea for all those wine corks that...we...don't...collect. Hmm. Well, I suppose I could make that sacrifice and get a couple of bottles of wine. Beau is looking gorgeous.

I'll trade you our fog for your snow! Just this once. Then you can have it back :)

I always liked the Beau pattern from Vintage Knits. Now after seeing yours I went over to Ebay and ordered the yarn. My hubby will love it. Thanks for sharing such fun pictures - love the needles!

Great progress on the sleeves! You'll be done in no time! I switched to using circulars from straights as my arms/wrists got tired holding up all that knitting when I did two sleeves at once. Now, I use them for pretty much everything!

What is the blog-world expression? Squeeeee! Those little kork guys are the cutest ever! Maybe you're stuck in an enigmatic rut! I personally think that constant change and "growth" are highly overrated! Heh!

beau is looking fabulous!

i have tons of wine corks! we save them for no good reason (just out of habit, I think), if you want them, let me know!

What a great idea knitting both sleeves at the same time! I like using dpns also. It's kind of fun when nonknitters see them and go 'wow that must be soooo hard!'

Hey - is that your new green couch looking so lovely in the last few posts? You were getting a new couch, weren't you? Maybe I missed the official update, but I really like the way it looks - you picked a fabulous color!

Vintage knitting needles are so cool! I have yarn for sale...check it out :)