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Ready for Bindoff

Hey look...the sun came out!


One Elfine (almost) down, one to go.

Have a lovely weekend!


soooo preettttttyyyy!!! =)


Those socks are so gorgeous. I love the pattern and that color is delicious. Maybe I'll use this pattern for my blue Koigu.

That yarn is beautiful, and perfect for the pattern. A lot of the STR colors are too variegated for my taste, but this one is gorgeously subtle.

Wow! I can only wish to knit that fast. My Elfine's took me forever to knit.

Well that was quick. My day job keeps getting in the way of my knitting. So I can guarantee you I'll have a lovely weekend at home with my knitting. Will we see new socks on your feet on Monday?
I'd like to see them stretched out.

How beautiful! That was quick.

Yahoooo!! Love that color. Must stay away from BMFA site or else the stash will suffocate me!

Super-duper lovely. I broke down and ordered some of the star sapphire and jasper STR. I have some big plans for them once finished with the lemongrass pomatomus knee-highs... I promise not to copy-cat your Elfine's socks, though!

I ordered an extra skein of the lemongrass as well, so my not-so-petite feet are all set for pomatomus knee-highs!

I just knit these and found them really fun and quick to knit. I think your yarn will really show the pattern well...quite lovely!

Very nice. I love Anna's aesthetic.

Beautiful! That yarn looks great with the pattern. It's really lovely.

It did! It did! I'm off to photograph my Forecast now. Hurrah for the sun. Where would our blogs be without it?

What an amazing pattern. So pretty!

You're right. They are particularly beautiful in that colour.

Oh my, that's gorgeous! Thanks for the eye candy!

Looking beautiful! That was quick!