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Finished: Chunky Scarf


Secret Project revealed! This is a very easy scarf I whipped up as a gift for the little sis for Christmas. I figure she got River last time, so this time around it's something a little more basic.

The Specs:

Pattern: Garter stitch. You know that one, right?
Yarn: About 250g of mystery super-chunky alpaca, acquired when Ms. Aura was destashing a while back.
Needles: Size 35s. Ack! The bigness!
Start to Finish: October 14 – October 15.
For: Kricket.


I just cast on 78 sts, knit 7 rows, bound off loosely, and threw on some fringe. Easy-peasy! The hardest part was jamming all those stitches onto the needles. That and freezing my tooshie off while Thunk took pictures.

Timewise, this took about as long as a dishcloth to make...just a few hours. Like I mentioned before, I don't have a clue what kind of yarn this is, but I did knit a similar one for Rae in Cascade Magnum a couple years back if you're looking around for something appropriately chunky (I dubbed that one the macaroni scarf, for very good reason). You could even rustle up some white Magnum and turn this into an adventure in hand-dying.

I see a scarf in someone's future...

Final verdict: Wrap it up and put it under the tree!


I think simple, beautiful projects are under-rated. This is a great project and a lovely gift. I love the photoshoot, too. You look great.

Ahh... it looks great! See, no fear!

Love it! And love your entire outfit too! Don't catch a cold though :).

I love your hair. I'm so jealous. I have wispy baby hair.

See... now THIS is how you use chunky yarns and have them turn into something wonderful!

Way too many yarn companies and knitting magazines try to make them into sweaters and just turn people off to them.

Oo! Cool! I likey that scarf, especially with your long, gorgeous hair! It's great how it matches the fall leaves, too.

That looks so pretty and cosy. And I love the outfit with the coordinating skirt / fingerless gloves combo!

The simple one is always a pretty one.

The colors are so lovely and fall-ish. And I love how long the scarf is. Nice prezzie for you sister!

35s! I don't even know if I can knit on something so big! The end result though is just awesome!!

great photo shoot!

Those photos are amazing. I hope they can be part of the gift! And 35s? Did you feel vaguely dirty? Ha.

this is simply gorgeous! pictures and scarf and styling!

I can't even fathom 35s...wow. I love the colors of that yarn, though. Beautiful fall colors.

Pretty scarf and cool photos, girl!! love your tweed skirt. Where did you get it from?

I love the colors in that scarf, lucky sis!

Wow! That looks phenomenal! I had no idea what to do with the yarn - hence the destash - and I see now that it went into very capable hands. Lovely!

And yes my word I am jealous of your hair too. :-)

Love the scarf. Perfect fall colors. i'm also drooling over the scarf you're wearing in the "seesters" photo. Did you make it? And, wow, your hair is LONG! I'm jealous!

Lovely colours on the scarf, and great outfit!

it's simple but so so gorgeous! you've got one lucky sister...first river, now this!

Love the scarf, but totally covet the skirt.

WOW... that's a wonderful scarf, love the chunkiness! And I just have to say, I love your hair too :)

It's a beauty! Wonderful photos and I spy some knucks!

That came out great - amazing what simplicity and huge needles will do!

Sometimes simple is the best, it looks great!

You (and the scarf) are stunning and the pica are beautiful. Well done!

It's beautiful! I love it.

That scarf looks good. I don't know you, but it seems like it's so "You", if that makes sense at all *lol*.