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Finished: EZ Baby Sweater

I've been meaning to knit this sweater for my friends Yana and George, who are expecting a baby girl in a month or so. I don't know when exactly I was planning to knit it...I guess I figured somebody would give me a bit of notice about a shower or something. Well, I found out on the 2nd that the baby shower was going to be on the 8th. No time to go out and buy yarn...I grabbed some from the stash and off I went!


The Specs:

Pattern: Baby Sweater from Knitter's Almanac, by Elizabeth Zimmermann (February).
Yarn: KnitPicks Merino Style in nutmeg (a bit over 100g, I think. Scale still broken). Leftover from this sweater, actually.
Needles: Size 7 circs.
Start to Finish: October 2 – October 8.
For: The progeny of George and Yana.

This is a fabulously clever yet simple pattern. There are, as promised, only two seams to be sewn on this sweater. Since the underarm stitches are picked up and knit to make the body there aren’t even any underarm stitches to graft--just a couple of sleeve seams to zip up with some easy mattress stitch. Quick finishing makes for a happy knitter!

My only departure from EZ’s pattern was to add an extra stitch in stockinette to each side of the sleeve. I don’t remember whose blog I originally saw this tip on, but it makes sewing up easier and matches up the lace pattern on the bottom of the sleeves.

The only complaint I have about the pattern is that EZ gives you a gauge but no finished dimensions and the directions for sleeve length were a bit ambiguous. I know she's empowering me to figure things out myself, but I don't have much experience with the size and proportions of babies. Hopefully it'll fit the baby at some point in its early life!

The Yarn: the Merino Style is lovely and soft, but unfortunately not machine-washable. I’m banking on the facts that a) Yana is a knitter and b) they registered for cloth diapers as signs that the parents-to-be will a) not felt it and b) like doing laundry.


The Rosette:
The sweater needed a little extra something, so I made a quick yo-yo (tutorial here) and sewed a vintage button into the center. I decided to make it removable in case the baby fusses with it too much, so I threaded some ribbon through the back of it and tied the whole deal to the sweater. No pins involved!

Final Verdict: Quick, easy, and cute!


Wow, super cute! I might have to put that on my next to be knit list for the EZ KAL.

Wow. Color me impressed! What a lovely gift and you'd never guess you were able to knit this so quickly. It is beautiful.

Very cute! The rosette is lovely.

Beautiful! I love the color too.

Funny how the color looks so different than Laurent.. when will any of my friends have a girl DAMMIT! I want to make this sweater! Anyways, I love, love, love it! You're a knitting rockstar.

What a cute little sweater and good for you for stashbusting! Love the rosette, too, most of all because of your thoughtful ribbon clasp. Nice work.

What an adorable little sweater! Love your blog. You and the late great EZ have collaborated beautifully... I'll definately put that one on my gift list for the many, many babies whose arrivals have been announced lately. Thanks for sharing!

Damn, I swear you're always one step ahead of me... ha! This is defintiely one of my next EZ project, after I get my ass in gear and start the Aran Cardigan of course. Hilarious. Thanks for yet another boost of inspiration! It looks great. I love this pattern

How funny, I just bought yarn to make this sweater for a friend! Yours turned out wonderfully! And I love the rosette idea, I will have to coopt it into my sweater!

Lovely. They are very lucky recipients. It's gorgeous!

Absolutely precious! What a lovely gift. I am sure it will be treasured and well cared for.

Your link Laurent reminded me that that was how I found your blog. I started one a few months back that is now languishing in my ufo pile. Hopefully I'll get back to it someday.

gorgeous little sweater. i may have to make one for the next baby who comes along.

I love that little sweater! I know I have that book around the house somewhere...hmm...

What can I say that hasn't already been said, lovely lovely! You are tempting me to make this and I don't even have a baby in mind.

Gorgeous! I must go find this pattern now. BTW, how long did you end up making your sleeves?

How adorably sweet. I wish I had little ones to knit for. Emphasis on the "to knit for."

this is gorgeous. I may have to get the pattern book now.
The flower is the perfect touch.

simply stunning, I love the addition of the rosette.

Too freaking cute! If the parents don't absolutely DIE over it, snatch it out of their hands. And a stashbuster to boot! That is really a treasure.

That's gorgeous! And I'm so impressed with your speedy knitting and rosette-making skills.

It's adorable. I love the rosette!

Wow, this is so cute and clever! the colors are so cute and I love the rosette pin idea, especially tying it on with ribbon! I've seen this pattern around and really want to try it. A good frined of my boyfriend's is having a baby soon...perhaps I will knit this up (if it's a girl). I'm not very close friends with her, but I've been wanting to do some baby knitting for a long time!

This is beautiful!

That is so beautiful!

This is just beautiful. I've been looking for a pattern to make for friends of mine who are expecting in a few months and I think this may be it!


That's gorgeous! After seeing all of these great EZ patterns, I think I'm going to have to get the book. Thanks for the inspiration!

That's such a beautiful baby cardi! Love the yoyo flower too... nice touch.

Oh! Such a sweet little cardi... and the rosette is really cute too! Super nice work, Elli!

so beautiful with the green flower detail and the photo is a nice one too (liked the harmony with the background fabric to be precise)..

So precious, so perfect - your little details will make it an heirloom, I predict.

Why is it that I see so many finished knit baby items and immediately begin calculating in my head how I might enlarge it to make the pattern adult-sized? I'm thinking that sweater would look amazing on me... if I *weren't* a grown up. Darn.

*Love* the pin accent. So clever!

How cutie-cute! I would say your assumptions are right about the cloth diaper connection and the proper laundering of this sweater. You never know, I guess, but someone who is willing to wash their baba's dipes is probably willing to hand wash an adorable wooly sweater.

Awww, very cute. Lucky baby!

Wow, I'm in awe! You make it seem so possible to whip out perfection in no time. I hope to reach your level someday. My niece would look fab in that. Saturday is her birthday, I'm thinking maybe for Christmas....

I love it! I've been meaning to knit that sweater for a while; I stop at its pages every time I read the Knitting Almanac and wonder what it would look like in a less grainy picture - and now I know! Thanks Elli. It's one of the things I had in mind for my antipathic green yarn. I figured cursed yarn and charmed pattern might make a neautral yet wearable garment... One of these days. :)

So cute!

That's darling--and the rosette totally makes it special. If my sister has a girl, I will be knitting her one of these for sure!

I was just reading that book last night and was looking at the sweater! Great job -- it's precious!!

The sweater is too cute! I love the rosette. I think it's a safe bet that the baby will leave it alone since she'll be so young when she's wearing it.

VERY CUTE!! What a great present!

This is beyond cute. Great job.

This sweater is so adorable, I wish I had a baby nearby! Congrats on a beautiful job!

Beautiful, I must re-visit that book, I don't remember seeing the sweater, lovely.

i'm going to the yarn store now to make this for a friend's baby. lovely, lovely job!

I just have to say that is one of the cutest sweaters I've ever seen! I have to get that book.
I just finished a marathon knitting week for a baby shower as well. The invites went out late and I had to practically pull a knitted dress out of my arse. But I did it and the mom-to-be (a fellow knitter) loved it. I'll post pics on my blog soon!

Beautiful job on the baby sweater! Being a non-traditional colours for babies kind of gal, I love your colour choice.
Regarding the fact that the piece isn't machine washable, when you wrap the sweater, you might want to also include a little bottle of Eucalan.

Fabulous sweater - I'm always so impressed with how contemporary and at the same time how timeless EZ's patterns are - she's amazing.

The rosette is a great touch - you'll be the hit of the shower!

That IS the loveliest baby sweater ever, I agree. It's still my favorite thing I've ever knit for my boys. Love it in Merino Style!

So pretty! A great gift for a future little one!

Elli, this has to be one of the most wonderful little baby sweaters I have ever seen. It's heavenly. It's on my list for the next baby garnment.

I love little baby sweaters for little girls. They are always SO beyond adorable. Nice work! Especially with the rosette, it's a really nice touch.

cute little baby-sweater. just adorable.
Love from Jane in Denmark

Wow, that is just gorgeous. I just have to make that for my daughter. Thanks for sharing that.

Oh this is gorgeous! I love the lace pattern. Have to get this book...

where can I get the pattern for this adorable February Sweater ??

I bought the Knitters Almanac but can't figure out the directions. How can I get the written directions for the February Sweater. Can they be emailed to me?
Also where can I find other EZ patterns?