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Finished: Elfine's Socks


The Specs:

Pattern: Elfine’s Socks, by Anna Bell, pdf here.
Yarn: Socks that Rock (light weight).
Skeins: One 4.5 oz skein in Star Sapphire…just recently removed from their website, unfortunately. It’s a bit uncanny how they remove colors as soon as I use them. Though Cara says that you can call Blue Moon up and request colors, even if they aren’t currently on their site.
Needles: Size 1 bamboo dpns.
Start to Finish: October 8 to October 29.


A lovely easy lace sock pattern. Lots and lots of cute little leaves!

The only part in the pattern that I found to be less than clear was the bit about the heel increases on the shortrow heel...normally I stick around to figure these things out, but I was in the middle of watching a movie. So I just ripped it out and subbed in a Priscilla Gibson-Roberts shortrow heel (my first love when it comes to heels). Other than that, I followed the pattern!

Final Verdict: STR + easily memorizable pattern = happy Elli

p.s. due to an unfortunate confluence of events (work deadlines/evening classes/contracting a lovely case of the Upper Respiratory Ick), I am even more behind on returning e-mails/responding to comments/commenting on your blogs than normal. If you haven’t heard from me lately…I’m working on it. Thanks, as ever, to all of you who take the time to read, comment, encourage, and otherwise make me feel all warm and fuzzy about belonging to the knitblogging community! -E


Love the socks. The color is fabulously snappy. Do hope you feel better soon!

Those are lovely. Great shade of blue, too.

Now I want Mary Janes.

Beautiful socks. The yarn shows the pattern off really well.

I feel your pain - we have a nasty head cold (aka THE EBOLA) running through my house, too. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

ooohh they are very cute! I want those mary jane too...

btw, i just started my poma sock..the color is very similar to the one you made for jessica. thanks for the inspiration.

Yay for socks! Those are just beautiful...too bad about that colorway though! It's just lovely.

I had been considering this pattern, but your post clinched it. So cute!

The Priscilla Gibson-Roberts short-row heel/toe? I never do anything else any more. I can knit every other heel structure out there, but that one *works* and I don't have to strain my brain to do it. Plus I get addicted to all the neat stripey tricks you can play with it.

Great socks you made there. Inspiring.

Eeeek! How do you do it? I honestly love every one of your finished knits that I've seen. Seriously.

Lovely! Well done!

What gorgeous socks! The yarn and the pattern are just perfect for each other.

Better finish the socks I have on the needles and NOT start another pair just yet!

they are way too cute. i have to admit that i have been fond of every pair of elfine socks i have seen - but yours are just gorgeous. that colour is sensational.

Once again you show us how much better fancy sock patterns look in solid/semi-solid yarn colors. Now if only I could stop buying all the pretty varigated yarn...

They are just great. The pattern is beautiful.

Well crap.. BMFA just never wants me to buy any of their yarn do they? Looks great, lady! Now get better soon!

Awww, Elli you're lovely. And hope you feel better soon.

Nice socks, too. I feel an attack of copyitis cloying at my respiratory tract...

I've loved that pattern since I first saw it, and yours are just gorgeous!

You people and your STR-- I won't be able to resist much longer! Such a beautiful color.

Feel better, Elli! Cute socks, too - I've had the pattern on my computer for a while but haven't gotten around to it. Soon, I hope.

Purty!! Love that purple/blue. Yum. I was wondering why you hadn't commented on my lovely, recently finished, We Call Them Pirates Hat of which i am so proud. Just kidding! No pressure really. =)

Both socks and shoes are so cute!

Very pretty socks! They look cute with those shoes, too. :)

Beautiful socks! They look great with both your shoes and the leaves. I too am partial to PGR's short row heel -- it's just so darn easy.

i love the socks!

Tres chic - socks and shoes. x

Cute Socks!! Don't let life bog you down, just take it one email at a time. Or relax in front of the tv and ignore it all. Whichever...

Great socks and shoes! What size are your feet? They look so little.

Those came out stunning! I have some STR in the same colorway and have been wondering what to do with it!

Those are great! Love that color!

Lovely socks! Don't worry about being so busy! It happens to everyone! I'd read your blog even if I never heard from you ever again--I always enjoy it!

Love the socks! I'm working on a pair myself :o)

Ellie - these look great and you took stunning photos, too! Thank you for the kind e-mail about Caia. No need to respond to this comment - I know you've been thinking of us. xox, J

Great combination of yarn and pattern = lovely socks! Got to try this.

The more I visit your blog, the more STR stash I knit up. Thank you!

Socks are BEAUTIFUL! And yes, you can email Blue Moon and order colors not currently listed on their site. :-)

Beautiful! And the shoes are cute, too!

I love those socks! Great pattern and great color

Very, very pretty! The colorway you used is gorgeous!