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Armpits ahoy!

Hi there! Knitting continues. This weekend I finally reached armpit level on Thunk's Aran Cardi.

sexy Thunk cardi for scale

The body has kept me entertained with all that cabling but I feel like I've been plugging away on it FOREVER. I've never been so glad to start knitting sleeves in my life. After knitting one great hulking gigantastic tube for the last month and a half, I feel like a speed demon zipping through my first cuff. Whee!

In other news:

-Thanks for all the lovely comments on the bunny slippers! I had no idea they'd be such a hit. I expect you all to go out and make some now. Send me pictures.

-I noticed that the Vogue Knitting Holiday 06 preview is up. Holy knittables, Batman! More cables for me! How I love that lavender shawl-collared cabled cardi.

-I picked up the Heirloom Bag again this weekend…time to get those languishers out of the Current Projects list!


Awesome progress! Seriously, that is impressive.

I am really excited for the Holiday Vogue. Gimme gimme.

Gosh, that looks great. What pattern is that again?

Wow! The sweater is looking great! And I am getting very excited about the Holiday Vogue!

Oh, it's looking so good! What a great man sweater.

Looking good! I'm definitely going to have to get that holiday vogue too.

Love, love, love the cables. It looks fabulous!


It's gorgeous! Love the color and how snuggly it looks.

He's so lucky to get a sweater that gorgeous. It is really coming out lovely and it looks really fun to make!

So beautiful! Looks like such a fun knit... one that keeps you on your toes... or fingers, as it were! Love it, but when will we get more Demi action? :o)

Stunning work. Nice job! I couldn't imagine knitting that. I love to knit but have never learned cables and am really impressed.

your sweater looks great! wow. cable obsession is good. :)

That sweater is looking beautiful! Thanks for the link to the VK preview. I hadn't seen it.

Looking good! Sounds like Armpit Level is a happier place than one would imagine it would be!

That sweater is going to be absolutely gorgeous! Love the bunny slippers and Pomatomas(?) too!!

What perfect cables...I am inspired to start my Gathering Intentions...soon!

It looks incredible. You rock.