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1 year

Well, that went quickly! I feel like I was just writing my 6 month post a few weeks ago. Here’s what I’ve done since then:

Anybody want to guess what my current color combination of choice is?

You can tell that these were the warm months. Fewer sweaters and more sewing. Also I'm noticing a more lace/fewer cables trend.

For those of you who like lists, here’s the Knitting Tally for the whole year:

Sweaters: 8 (5 adult, 3 baby)
Vests: 1
Shawls: 1
Hats: 1
Scarves: 2
Mittens/Gloves: 2
Socks/Slippers: 7
Toys: 1

Total Completed Projects: 23, or about 2 knitted items per month. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds low (you know, considering that I knit pretty much every day)? I guess there was some sewing thrown in there too...and that chair.

In other news, I'm almost to the heel on Elfine # 2. So hopefully another FO by the end of the week!


I do like your color choices for the summer months!

Congratulations on your anniversary! I recently discovered your blog and it's quickly become one of my favorites. Great projects, pictures and writing. Thanks so much for keeping me entertained and inspired!

That sounds like a ton of stuff! Congrats on getting it all done in a year - fast knitter.

That seems like a lot, especially since many of those were sweaters! I love the colors you've used.

My goodness. So many beautiful things!

Congrats! I don't think that is low at all!!! I'm averaging about 1 per month at this point!

That sounds like a lot to me, especially on the sweater count. But then again, this is the girl who just realized she knit like 20 pairs of socks in the span of a year. Hmmmm.. I wonder what ate up all my sweater knitting time?

wow, I'm really stunned. Everything is just beautiful and you made soo many things! It often takes me weeks to just make up my mind what and how I want to do it. Thanks for the inspiration!

23 finished objects including 5 adult sweaters sounds low to you?? Compared to whom? Your work is absolutely beautiful and it makes people happy, and that is the most important thing. :)

While all of your projects are gorgeous, I seriously heart that grey baby sweater from the vintage pattern!

Happy one-year bloggiversary! I'm glad I found your blog.

Happy blogiversary!! Guess what? I forgot to do mine. Wah =( My archives tricked me somehow and made me think it was coming in December when it was really in Sept. Ah, well.
I think 2 knitted items a month is a nice amount, especially considering the amount of bigger projects you do, like sweaters and shawls. So many lovely things here!

Happy one-year bloggiversary! They are all very cool projects. I can tell you really like green and that orangy red.

Hi Elli - long story how I got here. Need conceptual help with EZ baby sweater sleeves... how can I (Can I?) contact you?

Um, no, that's FAST. ;-) It's the other slow.

Happy blogiversary Ellie. I just love your blog- you make so many beautifull things:-) Looking forward to read about it the next year.

actually that sounds high. i'm not even averaging one FO a month these days! :)

Happy blogiversary! That sounds fast to me! I usually only eek out 3-4 adult sweaters a year at the most. You have to have balance, right? Your FO's are lovely, and the color schemes are great. I'm so happy to have you as part of our blogging community!

Happy bloggiversary to you! I think 23 FO's is pretty good, considering many of those projects were sweaters...and then there was the sewing time to account for. Seems pretty ambitious to me, actually!

Wahoo! 1 year! And 23 FOs is great by my book. I don't think I'll even come close. Of course, I don't get to knit as much as I'd like these days. {grumble grumble}

I think it is hilarious to see the similarity of colors in your projects lately. And they all look AMAZING!

Happy blogiversary! You've got some gorgeous FO's there. Beautiful stuff! (And as far as I'm concerned, 8 sweaters in one year is amazing!)

Don't forget, it's not a contest - if you're enjoying the process and the porduct, then you've achieved quite a bit :)

I think you're covered with 2 knits a month. You'd better be, because if that's low...well, let's just say that my tally for this year might still be in the single digits at this point. Happy blogiversary!

happy blogiversary! you've really created some beautiful pieces... looking forward to see what the next year brings...

Happy bloggiversary! Such beautiful things you've produced this year!

Congratulations! What a great photo collage of your year's crafty accomplishments.

Happy 1 year! I happen to think you've accomplished quite a lot in 6 months! I definitely don't have 23 objects to show in a year. I am a very slow, SLOW knitter!

oh wow! your projects are just gorgeous.

happy 1st blogiversary.

I love your EZ Baby Sweater. The little flower accent makes it just perfectly feminine. Excellent job and happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!
Your projects are beautiful!

2 knitted items (finished) per month. Low. Low, did she say? Low. please excuse me while i fall off my chair-- not low. on my scale? very, very HIGH. (low. I'm shaking my head over here.) lovely photos-- and happy B-iversary!