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the first sock

what's left

Not the end of the world, but a bit of a pain. I tried on the first sock and it's sufficiently long for my largish feet and they only need to fit Jessica's (comparatively petite) size 9.5s. So...I'm going to knit the second sock from the other end of the skein and shorten the first one appropriately when I get to the end. Still, I hate cutting things this close.

I'm also cutting it a bit close on time. In the time since I took the pics I've made it halfway through the cuff of number two. While this is good progress, I’m going to see Jess this weekend and really want to give them to her then. Of course this is a week that I have something scheduled every single evening…


Bummer about the shortage, isn't that always the way? I hope you get it worked out in time for Jess.

They are so pretty. Could you put a few circs in to hold the sts and snip at the top and graft? Seems like pulling out a repeat would be the best idea. I do the same thing with my kitchen scale. It's one of my favorite knitting tools.

You did a great job with the sock! I tried that pattern and something about the yarn overs being at the end of a needle didn't quite work out right. Wonderful color, as well.

You can do it! Nothing like a little pressure to get the knitting juices flowing

These socks are gorgeous. That colour looks brilliant!

Beautiful socks. The colour is stunning.

These must be one of the most gorgeous Pomatomus (Pomatomi? Poms??) I've ever seen, what an amazing yarn you're using for it! It really makes the pattern "jump out", so to say. Brilliant work!