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Revisited: Blaze

The one topic that I feel could use more blog-time is how people feel about their knits after they've worn them for a while. Since all I currently have to show you is a few more inches of the Aran Cardi, I thought now would be a good time to mix it up a bit and throw in some reviews of past projects (oh fine, this is just a cheap ploy to keep y'all occupied while I work through a particularly unproductive period).

Pic taken right after the sweater was completed.

I thought I’d start with Blaze since it’s one of my favorites and I don’t feel like I’ve seen very many people make this one. Here are some specs, since this one was finished pre-blog:

Pattern: Blaze, from Knitty, by Jenna Adorno.
Size knitted: 34/36
Yarn: I subbed 9 balls of KnitPicks Andean Treasure in the color ‘Lagoon’ for the Cascade Indulgence the pattern calls for.
Finished: July 2005
Level of pattern followage: Total. I think the only thing I changed was to bind off with a smaller needle and add the crocheted flower.

How often does it get worn? Fairly frequently…about as much as any other cute and well-fitting sweater in my closet.

How has it held up? This sweater has had one winter of use and it still looks really good. I thought about taking another picture of it now, but there really isn’t much point…the yarn hasn’t pilled or gotten funky-looking and it still has the same snug fit (note: I never blocked it and I haven’t needed to wash it yet so I can’t comment on if it’ll grow when wet). The only thing that looks a little wonky are the stitches around the underarm grafts, but I always have that problem with bottom-up sweaters on circs.

How has the yarn worked out? Fine…like I just said, no pilling. The alpaca does have a little itch to it, so I need to wear it with a ¾ sleeved shirt underneath to keep it away from my skin.

What do I like? I love the color and the fit of the sweater is very flattering…it may be a figure hugging design, but the cables break things up a bit and keep it from looking slutly.

What would I change? I would definitely put full-length sleeves on this one. The sweater is thick enough that I can’t wear it until the weather is chilly, but by then my arms need a little something as well.

Should you make this sweater? Yes. If you live somewhere where it gets cold and you like cabling a lot, this sweater is for you.

Final Verdict: I give this one 9 out of 10.

So has anybody else made this one? How did it work out for you?


You know, I have this pattern printed out for reference, but I was never going to make it after knitting Tempting II by the same designer. I just wasn't sure if I was sold on the bottom-up circ type sweater; the construction is basically the same. Seeing it here in green, though, makes me think about reconsidering. I do like cabling; was this killing you at the end though? 1 by 1 ribbing just about killed me on Tempting II! LOVE the crocheted flower, btw.

I love this sweater, and if I had the body for it I'd make it for sure...

I haven't seen many (any?) of these in the blogosphere, but it's very cute! the flower is a nice touch too.

Very pretty! The color, the fit, just perfect. Thanks for the tip on KP andean treasure. I've been thinking to get some a fall sweater project.

You know, that pattern never really called me, the photos just didn't show it to it's best I think. Your picture really makes me want to knit it though, and reading the pattern I realise that I can knit the neckline smaller so I don't get the peaking out bra strap effect, so I am going to print it out and put it in my 'to be made' file.

Glad you're getting good wear from it!

Wow! Your version of Blaze is beautiful. And I think discussing how much wear things get is a great idea. Can't wait to see more!

a little off topic, but I really like your back drop material.

AWESOME! I really loved that pattern when it first came out and wanted to knit it but other things got in the way. You've rekindled my interest! I love it in that green color and that flower really makes it more special. Awesome job!

ummm...DARLING! I actually really love the sleeve length as is. You did an amazing job.

I really like the idea of progress updates on knits - in fact I think they're one of the best ideas of the blogsphere. It's all well and good reading someone waxing lyrical about their new knitwear, but since the idea is that the object lasts I think a later review is much much more helpful. (Cough cough).

Your sweater is lovely. I never liked Blaze much it when I saw it at Knitty, but as usual you've made me rethink. It looks very wearable - and very nice on you.

I love the fabric in the background of that photo. Is it on your wall?

This is the first time I have seen this sweater. It's just divine, love the pattern, colour and fit. Just beautiful!!!

Beautiful! I wanted to make this when I first started knitting but sort of forgot about it. I'll have to put it back on my list!

Gorgeous! I really love the color you chose. I haven't made one, but seeing yours makes me want to.

I love reading knitwear reviews. Thanks for all the useful info that you have thoughtfully included about yarn and pattern. Your Blaze is beautiful.

you just made me notice ths pattern. great job

I didn't know you knitted this sweater... it's absolutely gorgeous on you!!!

The crocheted flower makes it so cute! And, this is a very good idea...check-ins on how the finished product has held up and whether it's even a working part of our closet. Yarn reviews are always excellent, too.
P.S. My underarm grafts always turn out weird, too. What is it about them? I need a workshop.

Cute sweater! Love the texture of it!

What a great idea to post about how it fits after some wear--I appreciate your ploy! This sweater is really flattering on you. I'd like to read a post about how you feel about your Picovoli since I had such trouble with the flopping neckline too.

Pretty! I too had not really given Blaze a second look when I saw it in Knitty, probably because of the neon orangeness, but now I may have to rethink it. I love the green color! And the sleeves are a cool length.

wow, that sweater looks GREAT on you! perfect fit, lovely color and the flower really complements the cables. i like the idea of reviewing knits after awhile...

Wow, that one is so AWESOME!! Like others I haven't noticed the pattern before, but now I will definitely consider to make one myself:-) Great knitting job.

That's a beautiful and very flattering sweater.

Ditto other comments: Great sweater, and great idea about the review! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Keep up the good knits! (^o^)

OK, after 24 comments I have to agree with everyone else, great sweater, great color, great review. I have seen some other blogger with the "wear (note spelling) are they now" shots of there knitting and I find it to be the best part of a blog. Now if I can just knit up some more stuff then I too would be able to contribute :O)

That's a great top! Looks fab on you!

I really liked this when I saw it on Knitty, but love your version with the crocheted flower even more. Fab x

I love re-visits. This is a really good one!

You're right- the blogosphere could use more reviews. Thanks for inspiring.

What a great-looking sweater. Thanks for the review. This one might have to go on my to do list.

You know that I am still going on this one...I swear I am going to get it done...and soon!! :)

I think the flower makes the sweater. Beautiful!

OMG!!! I LOVE that sweater! I must knit that!!!

I am almost finished with this; I did go ahead and make long sleeves; I am making for my daughter, and she wanted long sleeves. it was a bit of a struggle figuring out the long sleeves but I think is will work out fine. I used alpaca, and I think it feels pretty good--but of course not finished. thanks for the review. I think I feel better about how this will work out.

It looks great! I've been thinking about using some KnitPicks yarn to make this sweater... Your post has solidified Blaze's presence on my to-do list! The longer sleeves is a good idea, too (Home/school is in Minnesota/Ohio).