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I know that as a (nearly) grown woman I'm supposed to start having a more adult attitude towards birthdays and be, you know, poised and stuff. But I'll be the first to admit it: I love presents. There are so few times in your life that you know, for certain, that as soon as you do something (open the box or bag or envelope) something nice will happen.

Some of the best ones I got this year were ones my family made for me, so I thought I'd show them off.

Apron, sewed by my big sister, Rae:

In case your curious, Rae says she got her inspiration from one in Amy Butler's new book (link with small pic of said apron here).

Watercolors, by my Mum:

Embroidered Pillowcase, by my little sister Kricket:

Er, yes...that would be my nickname. Why do you ask? Focus on the sheep. See the sheep?

And if that weren't enough, I also was the recipient of a really fabulous swap package from Philippa:

I am now the proud owner of my very own British hot water bottle, complete with hand-drawn instructions on how to use it by P's little sister (this was the item that got the swap started...don't laugh at me), French tea and soap (you have never smelled anything so delicious), beautiful vintage knitting needles for my collection, and some v. cute polka-dotted lightweight corduroy fabric to play with. Thanks so much, Philippa!


Happy birthday! great stuff! I love the sheep.

Saw the great dpn needlecase on past blog--so would you like to make a few to sell? I love polkadots and would pay the asking price?!!!!
The Aran is beautiful.

Very cute and adorable gifts.
You are one lucky girl. :D

What a wonderful birthday haul! I wish that my family came up with such great crafty gifts. The apron is super cute! Are you going to wear it out and about (I think I would), or will it mainly get used in the kitchen?

My mom's taking up watercolors again -- maybe she'll be up for gifting some of her works by the time Christmas rolls around.

Oh, I love the apron! So darling. And does the orange have little elephants on it? So perfect!

Glad you had a great birthday!
Clearly, you come from a very talented and craft-oriented family!

Your birthday gifts are brilliant! I love the apron. And the watercolours. And - er, yes. 'Elli booger'? Good sheep.

Plans for the cover are bubbling.

what lovely gifts! lucky you. have you used your hot water bottle yet?

Happy Birthday! Wahooooooo!

I love getting gifts, too. I mean really, who doesn't? That apron rocks! I have that Amy Butler book on hold at my library and can't wait to get my hands on it.

Ah, the great nicknames from our youth... mine was Pickle Face.

Also, related to your last post, that sweater is looking AWESOME! And I think I may try your approach to getting clean and organized!

Thanks for bein' so cool! I'm glad you were born.

Happy belated birthday. Gifts are great...even if you're an adult. The apron is fab! BTW, those Elenaor Keds are in deed comfy. The only problem with them is that they have a tendancy to become stinky (canvas shoes + bare feet).

Hey, gifts are the best thing about birthdays. It's the reason why I even advertise mine ;)

Your pressies all look awesome!

Wow, your family is so talented! I love getting homemade gifts.

Happy belated birthday

You are very lucky to receive homemade gifts. They are the absolute best kind!! I'm glad you had a great birthday. How's that hippo sock coming along?

ok, so if that's a BRITISH hotwater bottle, what's a non-british one?

*very confused brit*

it's awesome that you have such a creative family. happy belated birthday!