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Finished: Rae's Bunny Slippers

I finished another project this past weekend! I don't know if you recall, but I was knitting something secret back in August. I was going to finish them for my sister Rae's birthday on the 26th, but I had a yarn shortage and, well, things got delayed a bit. You know how it goes.



Slipper Pattern: Fuzzy Feet from Knitty, by Theresa Vinson Stenersen (pattern here).
Ear Pattern: from the Bunny Hoppers pattern in "Knit One, Felt Too," by Kathleen Taylor.
Yarn: 1 skein of Lambs Pride Worsted in Creme, part of a skein of KnitPicks worsted Bare Peruvian Wool, and a bit of white mohair (no exact weights...I broke my scale).
Needles: size 10.5 circs and some size 10.5 bamboo dpns.
Notions: Buttons, black felt for the nose.
Start to Finish: August 19 to September 22
For: My sister Rae, for her 29th birthday.


A couple years ago my little sister Krick was flipping through "Knit One, Felt Too" and asked me to knit her a pair of the Bunny Hoppers slippers. As I am powerless to resist any plea for knitwear, I made her a pair for Christmas. The pattern is really for toddlers, so I just tacked some ears and tails onto a pair of Fuzzy Feet. Very quick, very cute. So when Rae made some noises indicating that she'd like a pair, I hopped to it (tee-hee).

I didn't quite have enough of the Lamb's Pride, so I ripped back the cuffs a bit to salvage enough to finish the second foot. I knitted the rest of the cuffs and the ears with a strand of the KP bare with some white mohair carried along on every other row to keep things fuzzy.


The first time I made these I carried a strand of mohair along with the Lamb's Pride on every other row to maximize fuzziness. This time I just used the Lamb's Pride as per the instructions. I think I prefer the slippers with the bit of extra bulk and durability that the mohair adds. It also makes them easier to felt (important for us sink-felters).

Final Verdict: Bunnies for everybody!


I am almost completely over my cute limit for the day with those. Adorable!

Those are absolutely adorable! I wish I had someone of appropriate age to make them for.

OMG, those kill me. My nickname within my family is "bunny," so I've always been a sucker for bunny slippers... think I should make myself a pair!

They're the cutest bunny slippers I have ever seen!

Didn't you say you'd knit me a pair, too? ;)

So cute! I love them--I may have to make some for myself.

those are so cute. i love the little tails.

Wow, you sink felt? I'm impressed! Those are so freaking adorable! I love their little shiny eyes. =)

those are the cutest slippers i've ever seen!! makes me want to knit a pair of my very own.

I LOVE them!! And now that xmas knitting has started for me, I've added them to the list. Thanks!

I really like your blog, so many nice things you have made!

Im sorry my blog is only in norwegian, but your welcome to stop by:)


Oh my gawwwwd they have little tails. I think I just died.

Way too cute! They almost looks like puppets (in a very good way) but for feet.

I'm a sink felter also - I sympathize - but I havne't tried mohair yet - I'll have to give it a try!

my goodness! those slippers are just too cute.

I like the cuffs on your fuzzy feet, did you deviate from the pattern for that? I've never seen anyone else's look like yours. Love the bunnies, I might have to indulge myself!!

Those are fantastic - really cute!

Ooooh! Those are insanely cute. I think the best part is by far the poof on the heel.

Oh, my. They are so so cute. I can hardly stand it. I must make some for myself.

ack! so cute!

They are just so cute!

My lord, those are the cutest damned things I've ever seen!!! You've made my morning :)

Those are SO cute!!

I love them! Perfect! I am a sucker for the knitted bunnies!

Those are way way too cute! Nice work!!