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Finished: More Needlecases

Christine's DPN Case:

If you think way back to last month, you may recall the birthday contest. Well, I finally got my act together this weekend and stitched up the promised prize. Christine (who, I might add, has the patience of a saint) chose this yummy lotus print:


Specs: fabric by unknown designer, vintage button, black ribbon (helpful hint: if you paint the end of the ribbon with clear nail polish before trimming it keeps the cut end nice and neat.)


Thunk is on the way to the post office to mail it off as I type!

Gnomatic DPN Case:

This one was finished way back at the beginning of August, and has already made its way to Philippa as part of a swap package.


Specs: Munki Munki fabric, vintage button, white rickrack.


Both cases followed approximately the same recipe I used for the original toothy dpn case.

p.s. If you're looking for your very own dpn case, go visit Megan!


Ohmygod, both of those cases are amazing! That gnome fabric is just. too. much. I wish I could sew as beautifully as you do... suppose I'd need a sewing machine first!

my goodness! that's just too pretty :) You did such a great job.

GORGEOUS!!! I love it! I'm so lucky. Thank you thank you thank you.

Oh wow! Those are really, really nice! Like, abuse the punctuation nice!!!! Look at me go!!!!!!!

Seriously. Awesome job.

These are so lovely. I was about to gush about the fabric of the first one until I saw the GNOMES! They're both so sweet and I love the kitty kat needles.

Fabulous, as usual. Your sewing skills are really commendable! I love my DPN case I made but it looked a little wonky. Your lines are nice and straight! What sewing machine do you use? Mine's a pretty old, rattly Singer...maybe that's the problem? (probably not...)

The fabric is brilliant. Well done :)

Very cool needlecases. I really need to make some!

Nice stuff! Very inspiring. I might have to copy your construction to make my own--it's time to graduate from the paper bag that my needles are sitting in.

Oh no, those gnomes- INSANELY CUTE! Great job!

love the gnomatic one!!

Wow!, they're both wonderful, my favourite being the vintage print one :)

I've linked here from Knitting Nelly's blog.

LOVE the projects you've completed so far, and I was so impressed that your family is full of crafty women!

A great read and love the photos!

Those are too adorable! And I just love gnomes. :)

I am working on my own dpn needle case and am hoping that you wouldn't mind helping me out with something. Mine seems a bit floppy, while yours looks more firm or stiff. Did you use interfacing or do anything special besides a few layers of fabric? Thanks!

Wow, Christine's DPN Case is really amazing! I'm so jealous!