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Finished: Jessica's Pomatomi

I finished them! And just in the nick of time…I wove in my last end just before midnight on Friday. Saturday morning we swung by Kricket’s on our way out of town and she graciously agreed to model them. See those slender ankles? The graceful curve of those toes? Those smooth and silky calves? All Kricket.


The Specs:

Pattern: Pomatomus from Knitty, by Cookie A., Pattern here.
Yarn: Socks that Rock (light weight).
Skeins: Almost exactly one 4.5 oz skein in Olivenite (I haven’t seen this color on their website lately…I’m not sure if they still make it.)
Needles: Size 2 bamboo dpns.
Start to Finish: July 28 to September 22.
For: my cousin Jessica, finished just in time to give to her at her commitment ceremony to the beautiful and wonderful Liz. Hooray!


I loved this pattern. It may not be the quickest knit ever, but it's so unusual and clever. I especially love the way the pattern on the back of the ankle grades into the ribbing on the heel (hmmm…I forgot to get a picture of that. But trust me, it's stunning).

I did end up shortening the first sock so that I could get a pair out of the yarn, but that was the only real snag I ran into with these. I think they were a little too long anyway, so it’s all for the best.

Final Verdict: Best. Socks. Ever!


Gosh, I love it! I still need to knit my own. How do you like the STR?

They're beautiful! The pattern, the color, yum.

Oh my! Those are the most pretty socks I have ever seen. This is art :-D

great socks! They're practically sculpture!

Very pretty!

i love that color. great choice for the yarn - they really look great.

Those are just beautiful! And the color is just perfect to show off the fanning ribbing. I think I will be casting on for those socks next!

Great socks in a wonderful color - so fall-like and warm. I love that you call your sister Cricket. It sounds rather southern and quaint.

Seriously, I think those are the best pom's I have ever seen...
That color is just perfect!Fab job!


They are so gorgeous I would wear them on my hands instead so that they would never touch the floor!

Your Poms are very pretty and the colour is so unique! Lovely work :)

Beautiful! The yarn works perfectly with the pattern.

Man, do I love those socks. Those fish-scale-looking things! They should become armwarmers so everyone can see them.

Do you plan out the backgrounds for you photos? There's always some pretty, pretty fabric in the background to distract...

Those are gorgeous socks! I am inspired to start on a pair now.

Love the orange/green contrast in the photos--it really makes the Pomatomi pop!

Lovely socks, I've got to give this a try.

Your socks rock, and not just because of the yarn!! I think I may have to cast on for these socks next after I finish the Hedera socks I am working on!

So cute. I have to say, your pomotomi are my favorite of any I've seen thus far... this is particularly exciting, because I am planning to make a pair imminently, and with socks that rock yarn... so I'm excited that yours have turned out so beautifully! The patterning turned out rather impressively!

I love the color you chose. The majority of Pomatomus socks that I have seen have seen were blue and/or green.


The color is awesome. I adore taking colors that would not normally be considered "pretty" and using them for a pretty project. These are perfect and stunning - and I did LOL at you sister's - I mean whoever wrote - the above comment.

Lovely socks!!I love the color you chose ;>

Those are probably the nicest poms I've seen yet-LOVE that color!

Totally blown away by these socks. LOVE THEM! I'm totally copying you with some Sun Drops STR. THANK YOU!

They look wonderful! I love that pattern.

i know i said thank you in person, and even put them on while i was all dressed up, but these soxers are the bomb-diggety and i have to make sure everyone who reads this blog knows it! whenever i wear them, people just freak out. my feet and i LOVE you.

Gorgeous. I had only ever seen these socks in a yarn that did not show up the pattern at all. Then I saw Nikki's fingerless gloves and realized what a great pattern it is. So happy to know I can make socks like this now. Thank you.

So, I know this is a ridiculously old post, but a) I love your solid Pomatomi, and b) if your bedspread is from IKEA, WE HAVE THE SAME BEDSPREAD!