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Weekend report

Back from Michigan now! I have a bunch of catching up to do in blogland (seriously people...I leave for three days and you all post like maniacs...)

I started a new project in the car on Friday:


Pomatomus, eventually for my darling cousin Jessica who is a keen crochetist and is lucky enough to work in a yarn shop (which I will visit someday, I promise). She claims to read this blog, so I'm not even going to try to be sneaky about knitting these for her. Besides, I already told her I was making her socks. Surprise, honey!

The knitterly highlight of the trip was a visit to the Ann Arbor District Library on Sunday to see this lovely lady:


Yeah, we got stuck in the overflow room watching the live video feed. They'd better start finding larger venues for Ms. Pearl-McPhee. Despite our lack of proximity, we had a fabulous time. Thunk was thoroughly diverted by the whole spectacle and one-upped me by knowing more knitters at the event than I did (his ex-boss Diane was there, having traveled across the state to attend. Hi Diane!).

I achieved my lifelong dream of holding the sock. I can now die happy:

famous knitter for scale

I enjoy the coincience that the artwork behind Stephanie makes her look as if she has simultaneously sprouted horns and a halo. Perhaps this is symbolic?

Bonus shots:
My pomatomus meets Dana's pomatamus (in line, waiting for book signage).
Goofball shot (she jumped/I ducked--it didn't really work out as planned, but hey...I'm shorter than she is in that shot).


That pictures is too funny! I love it. A halo and horns? Priceless.

Pretty socks. :D

Nice! Love the color for your Pomatomus, looks like honey too! Really cool you got to meet Stephanie! Once in a lifetime, right?

Wow! What a treat! I'll be there for a couple of days visiting family. I'm looking forward to enhancing my yarn stash. Any suggestions on which shops to visit?

That's so cool you got to meet Stephanie. I'm so jealous. You look so tall standing right beside her :)

Very nice Pomatomus. Mine are going very, very slowly. And while I'm here, River is gorgeous, too!

The sock in the first photo is so pretty! I really like the yarn. It reminds me of buttered popcorn.

How jealous am I? No really, guess!

haaaaaaa, the horns/ halo effect is priceless. You should email her that picture.

what a lucky cousin am i! they look simply luscious.

I love the yarn you're using for your socks - what is it?!

Sprouted horns and a halo! Brilliant!!

nice colour for the poms, though I always feel they should be green. Which is silly because most of the ones I like best aren't.

Blonde poms, definatly a good way to go!

I really need to keep up on the Michigan knitting events! I bet it was a good time. I'm jealous.

I love the halo & horns!

Wow, I really love how your Pomatomus is coming along, lovely yarn you chose for it! And how cool that you got to meet the Harlot, great pic!

I love the socks. I am going to have to try to make some one day.

Too cool that you got to hold the sock. I LOVE your squid shirt; it's cracking me up! Where did that come from?

Great socks--love the yarn choice. What kind/color # is it? Thanks!

I love your socks. The color is so different from other colors that people are knitting - I approve of the uniqueness, lol. Love your blog, btw. I'll be back (found you linked from the harlot).

after reading all the comments on your previous post, i feel the need to tell everyone that i love the shawl just as much as predicted. EVERYONE WAS RIGHT!!

but elli- when i find out that the REAL reason you skipped all three of my bridal showers was to get your picture taken with a horny knitter...!??!?!

just kidding, i love you. sigh.

I would like to copy the free pattern for the squirrel mittens(For my Mom-her squirrels knock on her door if they are out of food!),but My Adobe level 6 won't do it and 7 is at least $99.00. Is their another way I could copy it or could you send it to my e-mail? Great site by the way and your knitting is perfection!! I too went to see SPMcPhee-what a hoot!
Thanks, Pat DeLeeuw

Your photo of yourself and our beloved Harlot is perfect and sooooo apropo...symbolic of my love/angst feelings about her. Angst due to the OCD (her blog has re-awakened)regarding all fibery things after a 12-year period of control! That sentence is not really working...must be the angst...LOL.

It was great to meet you (in line), I'll have to check back and see your finished Pomatomi!!

The picture of you and Stephanie cracks me up. She's a little thing, but you must be tall nonetheless. The horns and the halo are hilarious.

The caption on the picture of you with Stephanie is hysterical!