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The results are in...

Well, Beau won by a nose but the Aran Cardi wasn’t far behind. Alas, poor Finn just doesn’t have what it takes to win the hearts of the knitting masses. So what did I start?


The Aran Cardi. I know…deviating from the vote…but when I started working on it on Tuesday evening it was in the lead. Cross my heart.

For those of you who were cheering on Beau (and the Beau model), never fear…I’ll be starting that one soon enough. Just to clear one thing up: I was being purposefully vague in the last entry, but Beau is destined for Somebody Who Isn’t Thunk (we’ll call him SWIT for short). So that you won’t have to wait until after Christmas for the action shot, Thunk has kindly offered to model it (wearing a hat) when I eventually complete it. Maybe we’ll rustle up a tree and some rustic trousers as well.


Finn lovers: don’t give up hope; your time will come.


Hooray! That's the one I voted for. That's very nice of Thunk to step in and help you out, good luck with the hat search!

This brown yarn that you're using for the aran cardi is so gorgeous! Is it nice to work with? I wonder how it feels wearing it next to skin.

Wahoo! I never got to vote but I liked that one best of all. I just love cables. And I LOVE that color! Gosh, I need to start thinking about x-mas gifts (and baby gifts, too, seeing as how pretty much ALL of the women I know are pregnant... ok that may be an exaggeration but still).

Your Picovoli was the reason why I also knit one for one of my good friends. I choose the 'shine' from knitpicks in watermelon and I am so happy with it! I almost wish it was my size! Also are you a Cartographer? I am a Geography major at Syracuse University and in some of your blog entries I see maps!

Can I just have Finn? I don't really need his sweater and neither will he. If you know what I mean... :)

Well hey, now you get to knit both! Regardless, they were both my favorites :) And they'll be interesting knits for sure!

the yarn looks tweedy. and i love tweedy yarns.
and Happy Birthday to you!

This will be fun to watch! Dh has requested a sweater and so now we must select one. THis will be my muse. :-)