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Busy, busy, busy...

Ack! Is it Monday? It is.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Actual celebration of the birthday with family (which is really the best part of birthdays anyway) will happen this coming weekend, so I still have that part to look forward to. My birthday itself was lovely... I feel older and wiser and everything.

This past weekend flew by. Saturday was our anniversary, so there was a little more celebrating. Somewhere in there I found a little time to knit. Sock progress currently looks like this:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I've rounded the heel and I'm heading down the foot. The goal is to have this one finished by the weekend so that I can try it on the intended recipient and make sure it fits before I embark on number two. I've got gauge, but it just seems smallish to me. So we're just going to play it safe.

Most of the weekend knitting was devoted to this:


That would be a mystery project involving Lamb's Pride worsted, size 10.5 needles, and lots of stockinette. You'll find out what it is soon enough. It should be fast and easy...I'm already half way done with the knitting.

p.s. I'm accepting entries for the birthday contest until noonish on Wednesday, so if you want in just say so in the August 17 comments. Birthday wishes are no longer required. Lurkers welcome.


Mystery Project = Felting?

Oh! Happy belated birthday and is that going to be a felted bag?

I was thinking felted somethin' somethin' myself... although that stockinette in cream screams some kind of luscious sweater to me... Happy birthday!

Oh, I wish I had a view like that! I love that sock too.

poms are super stretchy - I'm sure the fit'll be fine

I loove the color of that sock...I bet they look so cute on.

Happy Anniversary!
Felted slippers? Hmm, maybe not since it's white.