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August 17

Is it just me, or is August 17 the coolest date on the whole calendar? I'll admit; I'm a bit biased. But August...best month ever, and 17...it's so nice and pointy. I'm just saying.

Some progress. I average 15 minutes a round...

Anyway, aside from it being my birthday and all, one year ago today marks the day when my most darling Thunkster surprised me with this blog*, for which I am most awfully, awfully grateful. I'd toyed with the idea of eventually maybe sort of someday possibly having a knitting blog, but I'd never seriously considered it. I probably still wouldn't have gotten around to it if it weren’t for the spousal vote of confidence and the extra shove in the direction of knitblogland. So thanks, Thunk!

On to the gifts, right? Some of you may recall the dpn case I made a while back. If you would like your very own (or if you're not a dpn person, another style of needle roll), leave me a comment and I'll draw a name next Wednesday (that would be the 23rd). Double entries for those of you who correctly guess my age. Don't worry, I won't be offended if you get it wrong.**

Soon my morning glories will take over the world!

*you will note that this isn't actually my one year bloggiversary as it took me a couple of months to actually start posting...
**hints to help narrow things down a bit: I graduated from something in 1997 and I've been married since 2000.


Happy Birthday!!!
Your cardi is looking great.
I am going to guess that you are 27.

Happy Birthday! I'll go with 27.

Happy birthday and blogiversary! your blog is fantastic. I'm also going to guess that you're 27 (same as me!)

Happiest Birthday to Elli! Hmmm… 28?

Okay, I think you look like more of 27 than 31, but because I think you probably got hitched after school and not junior year, I'll say 31. Although we'd be nearly birthday buddies if it's 27 (i'm 8/11/79). Anyway, Happy Birthday!

While I feel you could possibly be much younger, I'm going to guess 31, to be different.

Hope you have a great birthday!!

To be different, I'm going to say you skipped a year and are 26. :)

Happy birthday!

PS: lovely stitch markers on your project!

Happy birthday! And anniversary! The Aran is looking good. Very cuddly.

Ok, you are definitely younger than me. Hmm, I will go against the rest and guess 30 (graduated early maybe?) Happy Birthday!!!

Looks like your morning glories decided to have a party for you! Happy Birthday, I'm guessing you're 31 'cause the blog would have made a great 30th birthday gift. I'm new to your blog and wanted to say you do great work. I'm always impressed with knitters who create well fitting and well designed garments.

I hope I don't make myself terribly unpopular by guessing older, but I'm doing it only because I feel that you are a contemporary. You look younger, but my guess is 34.

I'm not an age guesser at all, I just wanted to say happy birthday!

Happy Birthday... I hate being wrong, so I won't guess. :)

Happy birthday!

I'd guess 28.

Glad you like the blog, honey!

Happy birthday, beautiful you.

I'm guessing 19!

I am guessing 28... and Happy Birthday. I am glad you go the push your blog is delightful.

Happy Birthday! I'm going to guess 29.

The cardi looks great so far!

I guess 30 years old since I also graduated from something in 1997 and I am 30. How's that?

I'm going to guess 32...with an "early birthday" school-wise instead of a late birthday. :)

Happy Birthday!! I am going to say you are 27...like me.

I am fairly new to your blog- love your work. First - Happy Birthday 2nd. I'm going with 28 as too many people have said 27 which was my first guess!

Happy Birthday Elli!

Happy Birthday!
So glad you received this blog last year because I thoroughly enjoy reading it and watching your projects!
My guess is that this is your 31st birthday! All the best!

I won't guess your age, since I am chock full of needle cases already, but I had to say happy birthday, since we are almost day twins--I'll be 32 on Saturday!

Happy Birthday!!

I'm going to venture a guess of 31 - along with a bunch of other people. Hope the day is great.

Happy Birthday! I'm going to guesss... 26

Happy Birthday!


27 and happy, happy birthday!

I'm voting 27 too, just to be like everybody else.

Happy real/blog birthday!! How fun that your hubby gave you a blog, mine just makes fun of me for it!!

Well, it's served me very well today so obviously I think 17 August is a good day. I'm so pleased to think that while I've been dancing around over here, you've been dancing around over there!

I don't know anything about the American education system, but I'm going to guess 28. That sounds plausible.

Happy, happy, happiest birthday Elli! I hope it heralds the beginning of a wonderful year for you.

PS Thanks to Thunk for your blog. Good man.

ooooh, i know i know! But I'm going for the brownie points and saying "why dahling, you couldn't possibly be older than 24!" Anywho, happy birthday to a wonderful gal! I'm really happy I've had the opportunity to be friends with such a funny and creative soul!

Happy Birthday! I'll skip guessing your age...I am the worst at that!

Would love a dpn case.

I'll vote for 26, the same age as my husband.

I'm guessing 28. Happy bitrhday to you and I hope I win because August 17 is my birthday too!

Happy birthday! I hope you got a lot of great presents. :)

Very happy birthday!

To de-lerk and join the bandwagon, I'm gonna go with 31.

Happy Freakin' Birthday!!!

I'm gonna guess 32 (but you look more like 25).

Or maybe you're like 50 or something and moisturize a lot.

Oh! And the sweater is looking fab!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Ellie!

I adore the tooth needlecase...I'm going to guess that you're 30.

happy birthday, fellow leo...if you graduated from college in 1997 then i'm guessing that i am two days older than you...so you are 31!

Love the cabling. I will guess 29 as that is a good age...in fact..that is how old I am!

Happy 26th(?) Birthday! Are the orange needles in your needlecase Comfort Zone Needles? Do you like them? I'm thinking about ordering a set.

Happy birthday!!

Love the morning glory picture - gorgeous!

Also I love the way this blog is so beautifully designed, Thunk did such a great job!
Hope you had a great day

Happy Birthday!
Your morning glories are stunning. I can never get mine to grow like that...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Elli! I'm glad that you started your blog as I enjoy reading it & viewing your photos-- I always find it to be inspirational.

My guess for your age is 27.

That sweater is looking AmAzInG!! I'm really impressed. My vote is that you're 28!

happy birthday! LOVE the needle case. I found a pattern for a felted one, so I think this was the inspiration I needed to make one. Based on your graduation year, I'm betting you're 31. And, if you were 30, you'd probably be having a fun party that you'd be blogging about.

I guess you're 31. Happy birthday, no matter what the number is!

I guess 30. Happy birthday, regardless!

Happy Happy Birthday! No age guessing for me (as it is now the day after your birthday), but best wishes nonetheless. Cheers!

I know, I know! You're 27--same as me! Happy birthday!

i don't know...29?

Happy Birthday and Blog Anniversary. I hope you'll have a wonderful day celebrating with Thunk and loved ones.

I'm going to guess you are 33!

I'm going with 27. Happy birtday in any case!

Happy Birthday!!! I'll guess you're 27.

Okay I really have no idea, but the number 34 stuck in my head (I'm older than that so don't be insulted). Enjoy your blog, I've been a lurker for a while now.

Happy Birthday! And since I got married in 2000 and graduated from something in 1996, I'm going to say you're 28.

Happy Birthday! You are right, it is a nice and pointy date. I am guessing you are 32. I love love love the brown and beautiful cable knitting you have going on right now.

I'm going to guess 27 because I graduated high school in '97 and got married in Dec. '99.

I just found your blog a few weeks ago and you have done some beautiful knitting!

i say 14.

and i'm your sister.

bet everyone who guessed 31 feels stupid now, eh?


Oh, and Happy Birthday! (The math distracted me.)

Love the blog and what a great needle case!

I wouldn't dare guess, I'll just say Happy Birthday!

ok..i'm a lurker--I love your blog and your fo's! I'm guessing you are 31!

Happy birthday, Leo! I just turned 28... I graduated high school in 1996... I'm guessing that you're 27! :o)

I love, love, love your bloggy blog. I am de-lurking. We have similar project tastes, for sure. As for a guess?? Ahhhhh. 31? Happy day to you!

I gonna go with 31. Hope you are always young at heart.

Hmmm, I think I'm going to guess 29. You look like you could be 27 or 31 but I'll split the difference at 29. Happy belated Birthday!