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August 24, 2006

Michigan bound

In a few minutes we're off to Michigan for my baby sister Kricket's wedding. She's marrying Ross on Friday. (See how cute they are? Awwww...):


[Obligatory shot of back when we were little (elli, krick, rae).]
She's now a fabulously lovely young lady who I love dearly and somehow still can't resist embarrassing in a public forum. All the best, Krickie-poo!

After the wedding it's off to stay on the lake for a few days, so I'll be gone for about a week.

On to business. With the help of the random number picker, I am happy to proclaim Christine the birthday contest winner! (Christine, I've sent you an e-mail, so go check your mail!). For those of you who are curious, I turned 27 this year...and 27 got the most guesses, so I must act my age!

Ok, out the door with us. See you in a week!

August 21, 2006

Busy, busy, busy...

Ack! Is it Monday? It is.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Actual celebration of the birthday with family (which is really the best part of birthdays anyway) will happen this coming weekend, so I still have that part to look forward to. My birthday itself was lovely... I feel older and wiser and everything.

This past weekend flew by. Saturday was our anniversary, so there was a little more celebrating. Somewhere in there I found a little time to knit. Sock progress currently looks like this:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I've rounded the heel and I'm heading down the foot. The goal is to have this one finished by the weekend so that I can try it on the intended recipient and make sure it fits before I embark on number two. I've got gauge, but it just seems smallish to me. So we're just going to play it safe.

Most of the weekend knitting was devoted to this:


That would be a mystery project involving Lamb's Pride worsted, size 10.5 needles, and lots of stockinette. You'll find out what it is soon enough. It should be fast and easy...I'm already half way done with the knitting.

p.s. I'm accepting entries for the birthday contest until noonish on Wednesday, so if you want in just say so in the August 17 comments. Birthday wishes are no longer required. Lurkers welcome.

August 16, 2006

August 17

Is it just me, or is August 17 the coolest date on the whole calendar? I'll admit; I'm a bit biased. But August...best month ever, and 17...it's so nice and pointy. I'm just saying.

Some progress. I average 15 minutes a round...

Anyway, aside from it being my birthday and all, one year ago today marks the day when my most darling Thunkster surprised me with this blog*, for which I am most awfully, awfully grateful. I'd toyed with the idea of eventually maybe sort of someday possibly having a knitting blog, but I'd never seriously considered it. I probably still wouldn't have gotten around to it if it weren’t for the spousal vote of confidence and the extra shove in the direction of knitblogland. So thanks, Thunk!

On to the gifts, right? Some of you may recall the dpn case I made a while back. If you would like your very own (or if you're not a dpn person, another style of needle roll), leave me a comment and I'll draw a name next Wednesday (that would be the 23rd). Double entries for those of you who correctly guess my age. Don't worry, I won't be offended if you get it wrong.**

Soon my morning glories will take over the world!

*you will note that this isn't actually my one year bloggiversary as it took me a couple of months to actually start posting...
**hints to help narrow things down a bit: I graduated from something in 1997 and I've been married since 2000.

August 15, 2006

The results are in...

Well, Beau won by a nose but the Aran Cardi wasn’t far behind. Alas, poor Finn just doesn’t have what it takes to win the hearts of the knitting masses. So what did I start?


The Aran Cardi. I know…deviating from the vote…but when I started working on it on Tuesday evening it was in the lead. Cross my heart.

For those of you who were cheering on Beau (and the Beau model), never fear…I’ll be starting that one soon enough. Just to clear one thing up: I was being purposefully vague in the last entry, but Beau is destined for Somebody Who Isn’t Thunk (we’ll call him SWIT for short). So that you won’t have to wait until after Christmas for the action shot, Thunk has kindly offered to model it (wearing a hat) when I eventually complete it. Maybe we’ll rustle up a tree and some rustic trousers as well.


Finn lovers: don’t give up hope; your time will come.

August 8, 2006

Thinking ahead

This last week hasn't seen much knitting...I've only just turned the heel on the first Pomatomi. Mostly I've been staring into the UFO basket and dreaming about the new projects I want to start. I did make some stitch markers though!

For my friend Janis, whose birthday was in July (better late than never, eh?).

But back to new projects. Right now I've got patterns and yarn for the following:

Beau, from Rowan Vintage Knits (Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in Muffin):
Beau.jpg YTA_muffin.jpg
Why I should knit this: This is Christmas knitting...I could get it out of the way FIVE months early! Plus, it would be a pretty straightforward knit (good for lazy summer knitting).

Finn, from Rowan 36 (Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in Tusk):
Finn.jpg YTA_Tusk.jpg
Why I should knit this: This one is also a good simple knit. It's a candidate for Thunk's X-mas sweater.

Saddle-Shoulder Aran Cardigan, from Wool Gathering 63 (Canadian Regal in medium brown):
SSAC.jpg can_reg.jpg
Why I should knit this: the oh-so-clever construction is v. tempting and it would require some thought and skill to knit. Plus, I'd have to learn how to steek (eek!). This would obviously be the most challenging of the lot. Also a candidate for Thunk's X-mas sweater.

I like them all…they’d all knock a knit off the Christmas list...the question is, which one would you like to see me knit?

August 1, 2006

Weekend report

Back from Michigan now! I have a bunch of catching up to do in blogland (seriously people...I leave for three days and you all post like maniacs...)

I started a new project in the car on Friday:


Pomatomus, eventually for my darling cousin Jessica who is a keen crochetist and is lucky enough to work in a yarn shop (which I will visit someday, I promise). She claims to read this blog, so I'm not even going to try to be sneaky about knitting these for her. Besides, I already told her I was making her socks. Surprise, honey!

The knitterly highlight of the trip was a visit to the Ann Arbor District Library on Sunday to see this lovely lady:


Yeah, we got stuck in the overflow room watching the live video feed. They'd better start finding larger venues for Ms. Pearl-McPhee. Despite our lack of proximity, we had a fabulous time. Thunk was thoroughly diverted by the whole spectacle and one-upped me by knowing more knitters at the event than I did (his ex-boss Diane was there, having traveled across the state to attend. Hi Diane!).

I achieved my lifelong dream of holding the sock. I can now die happy:

famous knitter for scale

I enjoy the coincience that the artwork behind Stephanie makes her look as if she has simultaneously sprouted horns and a halo. Perhaps this is symbolic?

Bonus shots:
My pomatomus meets Dana's pomatamus (in line, waiting for book signage).
Goofball shot (she jumped/I ducked--it didn't really work out as planned, but hey...I'm shorter than she is in that shot).