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I like my cantaloupe radioactive, don't you?

Friday and Saturday were devoted to dying, spinning and plying.


roving, singles, 2-ply (plus pink merino I Navajo-plied to free up a bobbin)

Score - the vision in my head 0, willful wool 1.

The colorway was supposed to be more of a fiery reddish orange with a little yellow thrown in for interest. The colors I ended up with aren't terrible...I just can't for my life think of anything I'd want knitted out of them. Also, It appears I should have spun my singles more tightly since the two-ply is pretty relaxed and doesn't look very durable.

Oh well, this one lands in the learning experience camp. An overdye might be in order. Unless someone can think of something nice to do with 170g of crappy neon wool...anybody?


I know it's not what you were intending but I think it looks great!

The yarn looks great and 170g is totally enough for a great scarf.

Knitted toy!

I think it looks great too. Mittens?

So beautiful!

Umm .. umm .. a tiny felted purse or something?

Beautiful beautiful colours!

:-) THat looks so familiar! I've spun a VERY similar yarn not too long ago, look: http://mamaofpurl.blogspirit.com/images/medium_100_2765.jpg
I started knitting a sweater with it. It's for my little daughter, so the colors are appropriate;-)

Socks like mine! Just knit the softly spun stuff tightly and spin something tough for the sole.

I love those colors. Very happy for your feet.

It looks beautiful on my monitor. I'd knit socks. Joyous, squooshy ones that would show a flash of (radioactive?) sunshine 'twixt hem and shoe as you stepped onto a bus in the gloomy depths of winter.

Wow, good job. I think you have a promising future! I agree with the others: it would work splendidly for a vibrant knitted toy, gloves, or in child's clothing.

I always want to reply to your comments, and lame blogger always leaves you as an anonymous address. I couldn't find your e-mail so I'm just having to straight up beg for it. ha!

The yarn looks kind of orangey to me. I use orange for baby hats. It's a great and unusual color for a newborn hat and has the added benefit of being unisex. I don't know if baby knitting is your thing but I just thought I'd suggest. It's very pretty yarn I think

I just made one of your squirrel mittens and wanted to say thank you for publishing the pattern! I love it; the squirrels are so sweet. Now to make another...

I love the sherbetty color. How about a scarf? Might cheer you up with things are at their grayest outside.