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Finished: Picovoli


The Specs:
-Pattern: Picovoli, by Grumperina, from Magknits.
-Yarn: Knitpicks Shine
-Skeins: Nearly 5 balls in Grass.
-Needles: size 4 circs
-Start to finish: June 20 - July 4
-For: Me (I told you this would be the summer of knitting for me...)

Notes: I knitted the second smallest size. The only mods were to add an extra half inch in the waist and another inch at the bottom. It could really use another half inch or so, but whatever...cotton gets longer with time, right? Just call me Elli of the long torso.

The only thing that bugs me is that the top picots are a little floppy. I think it's because I was knitting a bit looser on those first few rows. In fact, I'm sure of it. And I knew it right after I'd done it, but I didn't rip back. So it's all my fault, really.

The Pattern: Lovely and easy to follow (but then you know that because you've all made one already, right)? The only thing I can add is that the picots are not that bad. In fact, I really enjoyed sewing them down...it's so much easier than seaming but still feeds your inner finisher so that you come out feeling all accomplished and stuff. Of course maybe y'all skipped the picots because you didn't care for them, in which case that's your problem.

left arm optional

Final Verdict: Love it! Two thumbs up from Thunky as well.


Another gorgeous top for you, yay! Heheee, funny comment about the optional left arm. LOL =)

sososo pretty! the color is great.

Looks awesome Elli! That color is great, but of course.. I'm biased ;)

Love the color. Looks great!

It looks good!! I love the cute picots and the vibrant color. Ack- I need to freakin' block mine already. Mine also came out a little too short at the bottom...
One other thing: I'm out of town in Oregon, and I just spoke with my boyfriend who is in charge of mailing my destash yarn out while I'm gone. I just found out he hadn't mailed yours yet! So sorry!! He promised he'd mail it tomorrow...

Your Picovoli looks fantastic and that green is perfect for summer! I like the way you layered it too. Another gorgeous knit!

Very cute! I love the way the picots add a touch of charm to an otherwise simple top. That summery green suits you well too!

It's lovely, Elli! And I love the combination of green, turquoise and orange - so nice! :-)

It's lovely, Elli! Yours is the first Picovoli I've seen that made me like the picots. And I love the green. You always choose such nice colours

Love the color!It looks wonderful!! and I love Spherey ,too :>

Beautiful! It fits you perfectly and the color is great.

Looks great! Very flattering. I think the picots look ok.

Beautiful! And the color looks great on you.

Great color and perfect fit. Love your tivoli Elli. It turned out so nice.

very cute!

great work, and i love the color you chose. thanks for sharing!

excellent, excellent job! i hope mine look just as nice on me.

Perfect fit, pretty colour and beautiful photo styling! Love the orange scarf with your hair styled back too.

Fan-tastic! Both the color and the fit!

Oooh look at the hottie! Very pretty El :)

Absolutely gorgeous! I just got my KnitPicks catalog. Did you use worsted weight or sport weight?

I just found your blog and I'm in love. This tank is wonderful! I really appreciate how much time and effort you put into labeling your patterns, the yarn used, what you'd do differently, etc. It's wonderful!

It's so pretty on you! Did you make it in Shine worsted or Shine sportweight?