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Finished: Krick's River Stole

Yay! I finished it!

The Specs:
-Pattern: River, by Sharon Miller, from Rowan 38.
-Yarn: Kidsilk Haze.
-Skeins: approx. 1.75 skeins in the color Meadow.
-Needles: Size 10.5 aluminum straights.
-Start to finish: June 5 - July 28.
-For: My sister Kricket, for her wedding.

The Pattern: Straightforward and easy to follow. After a couple repeats it was possible to just check in with the pattern at the beginning of every other row, which was nice.


Mods: There aren't really many ways to get creative with River as it's just a big old lace rectangle. My only real change was to add two extra repeats (I would have only added one but then there would have been thirteen repeats...and we all know that it's just plain bad to make someone a wedding shawl with thirteen repeats. It should be noted that I am not superstitious. My little sister is not superstitious. I know…I'm confused too). Oh, and I didn't scallop the edges when I blocked it. Not really a mod, but it affects the overall look.

Notes: Cute pattern, huge needles (and by extension fast progress)...this was my most enjoyable lace-knitting experience so far. I'm still not a kidsilk haze convert, and in retrospect I should have tried a bit harder to find some size 10.5s with pointy tips that weren't aluminum (too heavy and slippery) but I can get over that.


Final Verdict: I hope she likes it! If not, I'll steal it back.

p.s. it should be noted that I finished this a whole month before the wedding…not bad, eh?


wow. your stole is very nice! sure your sister will love it!

It is very beautiful. I think she will love it.
:-) Marie-Louise, from Denmark

Oh, that's beautiful!

It's gorgeous and you are a rock star for finishing it so early!

how beautiful...plus you finished it early. Talk about a satisfying knit

River is just beautiful, so light and airy. What a wonderful gift for your sister!

Looks great! Nice pictures, too!

It looks like air! Lucky sister :)

it's lovely. i'm sure you sister will love it.

i tried to make that pattern but got bored and gave up halfway through. seeing yours makes me want to give it another shot. :-)

Congrats on finishing the stole on time :) River is gorgeous! I'm sure your sis will love it.

wow, it looks so big and airy, it's beautiful!

Purdy! It really is a stricking stole. Perferct for a wedding.

Way to go on planning ahead.. me, not so good on that. Congrats, it's beautiful!

The stole is beautiful! Your sister is going to treasure it.

I'm sure she'll love it! I would. :) And many congratulations for finishing so early.

B-YEW-T-FUL Elli! But don't get too attached, b/c I don't see Kricket NOT loving it :)

Such a lovely & elegant stole! The delicate minty green will look stunning with wedding white. How lucky, for your sister to have a thoughtful sister like you!

It's beautiful, looks so light and delicate.

Wow,looks great! I'm sure your sister will love it :)

That is gorgeous! That would be a hard one to give up for me...

Beautiful! I would have a hard time giving it away!

Elli - it looks wonderful! I got some great shots of mine in Hawaii, but am still waiting to see what comes out on film, too. Your sister will be thrilled to wear it, and it's wonderful that you finished ahead of time so that you don't have to worry about a deadline. xox,