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Finished: Knucks


The Specs:
-Pattern: Knucks, by Pamela Grossman.
-Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed
-Skeins: Less than one skein (35g) of shade 143.
-Needles: size 4 dpns (size 3 for ribbing).
-Start to finish: July 8 - July 22
-For: Me (still the summer of knitting for me...)

Notes: I made the men's size (just call me Elli of the huge hands) and they fit pretty well...maybe a little largish, but then I didn't think about the potential usefulness of negative ease in gloves. If I were to make another pair, I would probably go down a needle size.

The Pattern: Top down fingerless gloves. Brilliant.

Mods: I shortened them a bit by skipping a few of the plain knit rounds near the end of the thumb decreases. I also left off the embroidery (I know, boring...but I want to wear these at work. If I were to embroider something on them it would be "I'm cold” as that’s how I feel ALL WINTER).


Final Verdict: We loves them. Yes indeed.

P.S. All this planning ahead for winter is making me think about Christmas knitting already. Don’t hate me.

P.P.S. Is it just me, or are my pinkies abnormally short?


Very cute. You're smart to make them before you need them. I was thinking that I'd make a pair for the office as well. I already have "office socks" - big, warm socks that I leave there to put on over cuter, thin socks that are not at all practical.

Hm...the tips of my pinkies hit juat about at the first knuckle on my ring finger, just like yours. But I think you have extra-long fingers, at least at the tips to the first knuckle, so they look abnormally short! Plus you're cutting them short with the fingerless-gloves, for an optical illusion of tiny pinkies. So have no fear, I think your normal. :)

Very cute! I always thought my pinkies were abnormally short. Maybe everyone else has freakishly long pinkies?

I wasn't to keen on these when i saw them on Knitty but now i've seen yours i think i need to knit a pair. They look great.

My pinkies are super short as well! That's the good thing about making your own gloves, etc- you can make sure you don't have all that excess fabric like the commercial ones do. Really like the knucks, but no special embellishments? No knuckle tattoos on those? ;-)

Cute! What, no old English "Love" and "Hate" tattoos? Heeheeheehee. OMG, wait, I'm stealing my own idea for when I knit these.

Seriously very rustic chic gloves, and your fingernails looks so nice and clean! (I notice these things, I'm weird.)

cute cute! I have one odd ball of Felted Tweed and now I know what I can make with it. If your pinkies are short, then so are mine. Yours and mine look like they are the proportionally the same size as the ring finger

Nice gloves. I've been thinking about Christmas knitting for the past month! I'm going to start soon. :p

Your fingers look about the same proportion as mine. I never thought of any of my fingers being much shorter than the others. :)

Nice! Love the tweed!

Very cute! I'm cold all winter too. I think I see a pair of those in my future!

The tweed makes a nice yarn for those! Great job!

These look fantastic in that yarn!

It's Diane! Great to see you and Thunk on Sunday, and am I impressed with your knitting projects! I'm going to become a loyal fan of your blog.

I have freakishly short fingers, but the proportions of our finger-lengths seem the same. So I pronounce our hands "Normal!" Hee hee!