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Blueberry Pie

Yes, I know. More pie. I promise that this will be it for a while...I think I'm pretty much all fruited out now.


Saturday: We went with friends to a little farm west of town to pick some blueberries. Just so you know, that bucket there contains 10.5 pounds. At $1.65 a pound, I'm afraid I got a little berry-greedy.

Sunday: I went a bit domestic and made pie (fresh blueberry pie, which is much better than the cooked jam-type pie), and freezer jam, which I don't think turned out because it's still all soupy. As the mountain of berries did not look much diminished, we threw a whole pile into the freezer, and ate enough to turn our insides blue.

Monday: Feeling a bit nauseous at the sight of more than half a pie and a large bowl of berries, we fed the rest to friends.

Tuesday: I will be quite happy not to see another blueberry for a long, long time. I'm going to go and finish up my Picovoli and enjoy my day off now. Happy 4th to all you Americany-types, and happy Tuesday to everybody else!


I'm so jealous of those blueberries! I love homemade blueberry pie. They're good in blueberry and peach cobbler, too. :)

Great pics!! I've never had blueberry pie before, must try someday. Unfortunately here in the west we don't grow blueberries, so i get to pay over $3.00 for a small plastic carton of them. =((

Your blueberry pie looks yum :P I have to try it someday. Blueberries are not in season here in Australia yet. By the way, i love the spherey doll you made. CUTE


You just totally gave me a berry craving.

Aw, gee, you could have mailed me the leftover pie! ;o) Looks so delicious.

Ooh, I am drooling!

Never, ever, ever enough pie! The pie cherries just ripened here this week. That's what, about a month or so behind you?
Love the Picovoli, by the way, especially the photo minus the left arm.